iPhone6SE does not change the heavy appearance so much with iPhone6s not iPhone7, too; as for the size

Not iPhone7, I seemed to understand that possibility to become iPhone6SE was considerably high.
After all it is considerably a shock to become the name iPhone6SE.
Leave iPhone7 at the age in h210 week; /h2
Ten years pass after iPhone was released in 2017.
Possibility to be put off is very high in iPhone7 until that time.
If that is the case, it will mean that the released model is more likely to become iPhone6SE, iPhone7, iPhone7s, iPhone7SE in future.


It may be true that Apple makes the version up once in current two years 3 once a year.
Once in three years it is 2017 concerning three years later to be revised after iPhone6 was released.
The next may be 2020.
It is a quite former story.
iPhone does not change a name so much till then.
It is for the person that still I want iPhone7 whether it is not considerably disappointing until 2017
Still that it is said that only 3 once a year is released is really disappointing; feel, but …
After all do not change it for the cycle of two years


which sells even if appearance does not change

I am that I am popular even if the greatest one does not change an appearance that much.
It is horror of iPhone. When appearances do not usually change, I am not popular so much.
Though there are not many changes of the appearance to iPhone, I sell it. I think whether it is that it is the greatest.
It will mean that I am popular even if iPhone cannot buy the appearance of the model enough in future. I think that it is really great.

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