iPhone7 /Plus Worldwide release Popular color?

New color that space black might appear in the next iPhone7.

People that new color is wanted is probably of course are quite.

The new color purchase is the most be booked online shop.


What kind of space black?

It is said to be the color of something like this.

Or color to be released this time will become what color?

It’s a very high possibility of being released Rose Gold and gold.

It is likely to be released include the color of bluish dark blue is after.

One of these colors I think that sell equivalent when it is released.

But since I think black is pretty cool, but there is no iPhone Ppoku up to now, this also is expected to considerably sell.

After all, what color?

Those of the following colors as will be released four colors are assumed to be released.

・Space Black
·dark blue
・Rose Gold

I think we become this four-color.
There is a possibility that new colors are two release, this is probably quite sell. I do not know which is what sell, I because black is fine cool.
There is a possibility that the gray and silver would be lost, but it is most safe color is silver and gray.
Because basically this two-color, since almost the same color, but it does not mean a certain way.
Is a sober color Speaking sober. But the people of the elderly tend to such a safe color is preferred.
There was a place I want you to leave also kind of color in that sense.

it can not be helped if the new color only buy

New color only be helped if not buy.

That’s what I just want to get on launch day.

I do not know any popular color is, because popular color is, I think that quickly sell definitely. But what color is not that whether there is a popular, if he liked any color after all? I think that I want you to think in a place called.

That way, I think because my original want color comes into view.

It is by all means want you to GET the new color to the Release Date.

possibility that Black will be released is not a Gase?

Black seems very likely to be released as a now up-to-date information at the. It’s good news for those who had been waiting for a black model.

Thing called here recently black mobile phone it is often most lineup, but there is no line-up with respect to iPhone.

But because black was the image of standard colors, or is not of the is adopted in the iPhone, will eventually of such that it is not a standard …

Because black is, personally also I think it very nice color.

Because really old days of mobile phones, there was only black.

Basic is in the feeling that the black, I was feeling that the other colors quite unusual. The trend has been going on now, black is still the color that has been adopted with some models.

Why not been adopted in the iPhone Speaking to reverse? It was a very strange feeling.

Since I think that people are really nice and black model you want, by all means people black want is I’m want to buy.


likely to settle down to five colors launch of

In the end of the day this stage, is very likely to be 5 different colors.

And say five colors, can be caused by the following colors.

・Rose Gold
・Space Black
・Dark Blue (Deep Blue)

It will be the fact that this five colors. Silver is I think the most chic Nairoka there from the existing.

By this time Black will be released, even a user who wishes to buy a black or would not it increase substantially.

It looks like you’re trying to Hakaro the activation of the market by introducing a new color, but, Apple will have been said that sales have fallen now.

For the iPhone, but still is a commercial material that sells the most, in the world of people started using the iPhone, 3 years abroad, I think that it is quite possible that use the same model as four years.

Because so think and replacement demand is, do you how much happens? I think people want also with respect to black to be released this time it seems that quite there, but in Japan the user of iPhone6 ​​will enter the subject of replacement.

However, in foreign countries it’s also possible that the user of iPhone6 ​​not a replacement target.

After all iPhone7 the change of shape does not think that there is so much. It will have quite some users that it does not buy the thinking and iPhone7 so.

Purchase because users who are considering, you feel like quite often in Japanese. I guess a significant person to buy the Japanese if iPhone.

First Posted: August 19, 2016


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