iPhone7 / Plus ROM recommend capacity on the mounting scheduled two models both of 256GB is?

iPhone7 / 2 model of Plus is has been said that there is a possibility to be released future, but will model of 256GB in the two models both are mounted.

And say 256GB will be quite a large capacity.


capacity is what happens?

16GB, 128GB, it is expected to be 256GB.

16GB is the remains of now I …

Because 16GB is not there to really now of age, you probably will not sell.

Selling is expected to be reliably 128GB if this capacity.

If 128GB if music it is possible to put a lot of capacity.

Is much honestly two years it seems that capacity than we could hear from entering.

Infinite and it does not say, but I think that really, if ordinary people hear only the music of the capacity I can say that infinite.

best is to take a video

People that take the course videos at home that such as there are children in the house also I think that quite often.

For the home that take the motion picture this would be the capacity of the pat.

It is also possible to take a lot of videos, if large capacity up to here.

It might not have enough even 128GB in reverse.

Because people take here recently video, it has been increased considerably, I quite many people to up it to YouTube.

I think the needs are really many that take the video from that.


infinitely save videos

Some people who want to save videos unlimited. I want to recommend to such a person is, is still Google photo.

Using this method it is possible to save an unlimited number by putting videos to Google Photos.

Because this is really useful feature, I certainly want to consider.

First Posted: August 23, 2016


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