iPhone7 released close together specification new features new color spec Release Date

iPhone7 it becomes and will be soon released. iPhone is also I think that quite a lot of people who have in the most popular gadgets in Japan.

It is such a iPhone, but people who want to buy on launch day I think quite often.

To purchase on launch day is not a purchase from an online shop is definitely a mistake.



2 model of iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus will have been said to be released.

It is I’m the same as the street until now. Even until now iPhone is two models of the normal model and Plus models were being released.

In this regard is the feeling that the street until now.

Either that good? Is that, but for different decisively in iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus, it is the screen size.

It is equipped with a dual camera in the Plus model with respect to this time.

Because dual-camera of, because it is a new attempt, but it is very happy. Always respect to the Plus model had been been to change the camera specs while slightly.

It is this time that the change from the shape, I think quite grateful.

No way I feel like …. It would almost certainly in the time being two models launch of.

waterproof function

In this time of iPhone7 is expected to waterproof function is adopted.
Because waterproof function, I think quite a lot of people who had been waiting a long time. That to adopt a waterproof function, that it is somewhat of thickness due to it occur, but I think I probably put off by had, it will be finally waterproof function in iPhone7 is adopted.
Because waterproof function, with respect to the Android terminal, or would not be in the place, such as nearly equipped with complete.
iPhone also be waterproof function is employed, or not quite the switch from Android only also did not select user Android? I think I said.
Since I think the waterproof function of the iPhone is people there were many that were really waiting for, it is quite happy.

pressure-sensitive sensor

Because the pressure-sensitive sensor is taken over from iPhone6s function. Because actually already have a user also quite often you are using, such as iPhone6, whether literate pressure-sensitive sensor to ensure? It is subtle and say, but it has entered the strengthening of the pressure-sensitive sensor.
By strengthening the pressure-sensitive sensor, but it is even more attractive, such as high operability of convenience.
By pressed strength, but – would be very difficult movement to be aware of the differences in behavior, it would be that much amazing.
This because the pressure-sensitive sensor is believed to proceed more and more adopted in Android models.
I guess I feel that the pressure-sensitive sensor Speaking for now iPhone.

to dual camera

But also I wrote earlier, is going to be a dual camera.
This because dual camera is not expected to be adopted only in iPhone7Plus.

Here is another model, but the video was taken in a dual camera.
I know if Moraere look here, but there is no doubt that you have taken quite beautiful.
Here to because take in the beautiful, I think the benefits of dual camera also not a little.
I think to come considerably more is because models equipped with this dual camera in the future.
Features such as blurring also it that can take a very simple, if there is this dual camera.
Such as the function SLR because of the blur, but was able to quite easily, because blurring of functions in the smartphone is, I think that quite difficult.
It By combining the two cameras is to synthesize the background portion and the focal portion.
By doing so, it made it possible to project a very beautiful image.
There is no doubt that it is one of quite promising feature.

earphone jack, no



From an earphone jack, no Lightning cable is why there is a possibility that the so music can be heard.
That the earphone jack is lost, there is a possibility that can not be a diversion of assets of up to now.
It is where you want to note that per the.
People also I mean quite often enjoy wearing an earphone jack, I think to come increased considerably now made of a third party.

new color

There is a possibility that Deep Blue and space black is increased.
The addition of this two colors it is assumed.
Black is the color scheme that was from before, which had been lost for a period of time.
And I am finally feeling that revival. Where such resurrection, because in fact in a very cool black, it is black, which can recommend personally.


It is expected to be in such a feeling of black.
This and should pretty cool thing mistake.

capacity additional 256GB

Is scheduled to capacity of 256GB is added. Would it not be very thankful for those who prefer a large capacity.
But had been thought to be sufficient or even 128GB, still the fact that a large capacity comes out, very worrisome is the price. I wonder if it what to become pricing of about 150,000 yen? I think It sleeps very much.
Recently is the place to be worried about price increases of the terminal is here, it will no doubt it is to rise with respect to definitely price that to launch a large capacity.



There is no doubt to be a considerable spec up of course is as total as compared to iPhone6s.
Still iPhone7 of this time positioned as the successor model of iPhone6s, prove to be named iPhone6se? Had been said Toka.
It is not changed so much even in comparison with iPhone6s think such a thing? People also think that many think, but it is not actually quite different from the mistake.
Such as the shape change and the dual-camera, attractions is packed. People who have a iPhone6s you may not need to get a new one, but I think there is to get a new one is a person of iPhone6.
What about once consider.

First Posted: August 24, 2016


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