XPERIA X COMPACT Image leak specs ? the price is?

XPERIA X seems COMPACT of the image was leaked.


As this model spec, it seems as those taken over the specs of basically XPERIA X Performance.
Therefore, it seems to adopt a CPU that Snapdragon820.


Good compact model

Because a small model, but it has been released from their respective owners, who use prefer the worldwide large-screen models have been increased considerably.
Sony does not mean there is a share as Samsung, but as tightly flagship, is not us to put into COMPACT model market.
I think that good because technical capabilities of Japanese.

Merged with Ericsson, but has increased its share as the main Europe, it does not have much market share is high right now.
China manufacturers, has been increased its share, it seems that Sony is quite stymied.
Still according to the Japan of the carrier, twice a year, we have launched the flagship model.
Only launched the flagship model most of the models once a year, but Sony is me announced twice.
The types of models, but there are not many, have and spits out almost certainly twice


About the same size as the iPhone

Because XPERIA X COMPACT has become 4.6 inches, it is almost the same size as the iPhone.
Because the iPhone is a 4.7 inches, it does not change as the size.
Manufacturer that launched the Android model is not limited to Sony will have usually released more than 5 inches.
It is it seems whether it can be highly valued that come to launch the thing so think and four inches table of screen size.

Since Sony’s product is higher quality to make a good member in its own way, I think that I want you to sell more worldwide.
That there is good quality, there is no doubt that observed in much the world.
Expectations of Japanese manufacturers to the Android terminal is not significant in the world, but in Japan, Fujitsu and NEC, but there is such as Panasonic, is not a very major in the Android models. Sony is the best even if it sees the world in Japan, but we have considerable struggled.
I want you to more luck.

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