Apple iPhone7 / Plus AppleWatch2 MacBookPro 2016 model year recital held on implementation

Apple has announced that on September 7, the opening day of the recital of iPhone7.

It has become held from 10 am local time, in Japan it means that 2 pm to 8 September.

Location is becoming San Francisco Bill Graham Civic Auditorium of.


iPhone7 the centerpiece

Naturally iPhone7 it becomes the most eyeballs.

I think that there are many people who are waiting for the launch of iPhone7. After one year from the launch of iPhone6s, this time is that it will want the more will want Kaikae Tim Cook.

Do that enough will want Kaikae will of such much?

It seems whether considerable, but it is quite expected to be likely in this regard.

Here is the the article. Does that mean to speak their own CEO and want Kaikae will the abuses it comes to …?

Certainly those who use the iPhone will always think that the latest iPhone is wanted. After all that price is that …, but you can not quite have, I guess many people who think.


The launch of the next AppleWatch2 will be fully considered as a possibility.

Because AppleWatch is, but we have become the latest watches that have been released from Apple, it is its next model.

AppleWatch I think that was pretty people who think they may be popular there want quite also often when going out, but it seems that right now is slightly subsided.

Not apart from not without popular, but we have a battery of problems such as by various problems.

Eventually as it can all if there is an iPhone? Because there many people who think that, after all popular until there did not go out.


MacBookPro announcement of

MacBookPro is also very likely to be announced. I think this is not the many people who was really waiting for.

Here you will page a collection of articles of the MacBookPro.

I think that it can be understood Moraere a look at this page, but can ask that quite popular also with respect to MacBookPro.

But it is as much as fun really. Apple will let you excited me out really want product.

But it is very fun.

First Posted: August 30, 2016


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