iPhone7 / Plus price turned out be expensive expected very high

iPhone7Plus seems price list came out of.

It becomes as follows because the price list of iPhone7Plus.



32 GB 6088 RMB (911 USD)
128 GB 6888 RMB (1031 USD)
256 GB 7888 RMB (1180 USD)


capacity is 16GB there is no

Is expected to disappear is that the capacity of 16GB.

In accordance with the grade of middle capacity of 128GB is it and 256GB has been newly added.

I think this is not very grateful.

iPhone can not be additional capacity on the way. People to select a large capacity made and of course from the beginning minute can not be additional capacity and also is not quite often.

But because the video has also become possible to take a lot if 128GB, people of 128GB without selecting a large capacity also I think in quite often.

By 16GB is no longer the future, I think quite often be happy.

still iPhone7 a little more cheap?

iPhone7 is expected to be a little more price to fall.

It appears to fall about $ 100.

iPhone7 also looks to have spec down compared to iPhone7Plus and may not become in this dual camera.

But it would be decent price range, but still I think that is about $ 800 to.


expected drops of iPhone6s

Do you expect would not be drops in iPhone6s. People who are expected to reduce the price of iPhone6s Along with the launch of iPhone7 would also be quite large.

Perhaps it seems that reduction of body price is carried out definitely.

As a result I think in iPhone6s conversely sell.

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First Posted: September 1, 2016


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