It is likely to be included with the conversion jack of 3.5Φ in iPhone7

Then is iPhone7 scheduled to be released, but rumors that the earphone jack is no longer was has been said for a long time.

Come here is that the earphone jack of iPhone7 will not.


iPhone7 earphone jack of disappears?


Although I have been said to be like this, it seems to become only the adjuster.

Is this would not be of quite grateful.

Honestly, if this kind of earphones, you will not be able to use in other than the iPhone.

If it is only adjuster earphones you can be diverted directly.

image outflow


The image here we have the web suggest image the release of 256GB.

Earphone jack not only is eliminated, because 256GB of iPhone can be purchased think that is very good.

What Are also use 256GB? But I think that many people think that, I think most in the acquisition of video now.

People to take a video has considerably increased, it is possible to take the easy video. That easy to take a movie, I think that has spread that much of the video needs.

Sites such as YouTube is no wonder also appear popular.

Since however the price is high in its own way, it is a question whether the 256GB sells.

But I think that really nice place called definitive place much to not abandon the past videos.


128GB sells most

32,128,256 and it is expected that three of the models will be released, still selling’d say 128GB.

I think in equivalent sell.

While 64GB is until now had been fairly sold, the person capacity in 64GB would be buried also would have had considerably.

It is a feeling that it is finally.

It is by all means want to consider.

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