iPhone7 / Plus iPhone 7 capacity is established 32 128 256GB recommended model in three?

Capacity of iPhone7 seems to be no doubt in nearly three.

But it had been originally said that the three, came out comparatively decisive photo.


3 different models

· 32GB
· 128GB
· 256GB

It seems to have established in the three models.


And iPhone is that it will release the five kinds of color variations, because there are 15 types and iPhone7 and Plus models, will be the fact that the production of 30 types of iPhone.

So Which do you a recommended as capacity?


Recommended capacity?

Because recommend possible capacity is probably still 128GB.

Now that took the video if this much, you do not need level to erase.

However In addition people who take a video, such as student you might need if you possibly 256GB.

If anyone who is the common use 128GB I think that it is enough. By the way, I have now 64GB of iPhone, but still is still left over in that level.

Level is that sufficient 128GB as capacity and think so.

Since Yorikeri to of course people, do not say categorically, large capacity up to there I wonder if unnecessary considering such as a backup now? I think It sleeps very much.

It is really each person with respect to capacity.

Or still not taken whether to care about is taking a video? I guess a place called.

Because people are still large capacity to take a movie, I think it necessary or definitely.

Really it is only of it.

Still no doubt be quite happy just that a minimum of capacity has doubled from 16GB.

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