iPhone7 / Plus Pro new color blue appeared scheduled reservation purchase stock Dual Camera

It expected to very much be adopted is that the new color of blue was found to be very high.

iPhone7 Release Date of we are gradually approaching, but the new color sale of but it is very fun.


It is a little thin appearance

Appearance is a little thin, but there is no doubt it is a new color. Originally it is said that color or something Depuburu, which had been expected and a little more dark color.

This color I think or quite personally can also recommended color scheme.

This If discomfort is the name of likely color also have be male or female.

The color of the plan to be released?

Gold, Rose Gold, blue, black, or will not become a Silver 5 colors per this.

The fact that five colors, this also but it is fun fine.

The iPhone has been a new color is more and more recently here.

This time, it has become a going to be a 5 different colors, but it has become a scheduled space gray disappears.

I You and the sober feel Speaking gray and sober. Also because it is a color close to Silver, do you, such that there is no problem if there is a separate silver.

Anyway, there is no doubt pretty fun thing and new color will be released.


The announcement September 6?

It seems is scheduled to tentatively Release Date for now September 6, do you become when is a matter of fact.

I think it … and all can be seen at that time

Once in September will be quite likely to credible information comes quite out. It does not come out much because there until the information is now the time.

Since many people are looking forward to the release, but it is hope to announce soon.

First Posted: August 7, 2016


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