Google pixel and pixel XL photos leak simple smartphone

Google will think that it is many people know you are developing a new model .

What is scheduled to be released this time is the fact that the Pixel series rather than the Nexus series .

Only the actual name to be different , I think that should I Moraere think that Nexus series .

This time, that the htc is in charge of the production , the latest images we have leak . I’d like to introduce you to the leak photos .


Leak photo


Here it will be the photograph that was leaked . I think that it can be seen that there is a fingerprint authentication . Because fingerprint authentication , now here recently to come always with . Because fingerprint authentication has become a really convenient authentication method . Also I think that Google is working a large force to be spread that was made ​​to correspond to the function of fingerprint authentication to the OS side genuine .



More smaller is large 5 -inch will be 5.5 -inch smartphone .
This time the two models is htc has been said to development .
htc , but had to contribute regularly to the Nexus series , this time will be released as a pixel series of new models .
In fact, it always is up to date of Google genuine smart phone , I very fun to be released from each country .

First Posted: September 22 , 2016


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