Apple in 2017, in order to supply the OLED display for the next generation iPhone8 /Plus and then negotiate with Sharp

Apple now, but we are using the LCD display technology for all of the iPhone, this is a small iPhone 7 to change the next year and a fundamentally new iPhone, which is rumored to 2017, repeat, design changes it seems as follows. Many of the reports, the next generation of iPhone called “iPhone 8 ‘, has said that will feature for the first time of the OLED display. For this reason a number of indicators, Bloomberg, Apple is manufacturing the phone for an organic EL panel in order, to report that it is negotiating with sharp, it has become the light of today.



The only models that utilize the OLED?

Now, only Apple products that use OLED is the Apple Watch. Since there is no backlight, which is not involved in the OLED, OLED will have a significantly better contrast ratio than LCD. Each individual pixel light itself, when black is displayed, in the pixel is literally off, do not emit all light. When displaying a black interface, most of the screen, simply, as you can turn off the traits that are exploited by dark Apple Watch UI they also have a significantly lower power consumption.

Offers (some of the leads to the rumors of the dark mode for the iOS of 11) low battery drain and the better contrast ratio OLED display can not believe when displaying dark content. Further, since in general, thinner than a liquid crystal display of the absence of backlighting will screen component. All these characteristics is useful for the iPhone. OLED display also allows for the design elements, such as with around screen lap of the side, you can be flexible curved. Samsung exactly will do this and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device.

Samsung, Apple closest competitor in the smart phone space, we use the OLED display on the mobile phone of the Samsung Galaxy over the years. Supply constraints, Apple is yields have seen refrain to adopt an OLED and much lower than the LCD. However, OLED is, appears to be to be a part of the iPhone is 2017.

The report, if it is possible it is to ensure a sufficient “output capacity”, Sharp, we want to clinch a deal with Apple. Earlier today, but Sharp has announced the investment of important> $ 500 million to its production of organic EL display, this advantage is generally does not appear until the second half of 2018, Apple has it yields so as to alleviate the bottlenecks risk of, the parts of the product, if not the entire supply chain of control for your favorite one company is a particular component is to have a company of supply multiplier, they are, the better you can negotiate the price.

Is iPhone8?

iPhone 8 Currently, monotonous design of the iPhone 7 to iPhone 6S or less, have been pitted as a major re-design of the mobile phone, iPhone 6. Apple is clearly integrated into the display, the home button and the “all-glass design ‘ touch ID sensor has been on target. yesterday, KGI, the device was said that not all glass to technical limitations in the cause. they described a mixture of (harkening back iPhone 4 series) glass and stainless steel Did.

First Posted: October 2, 2016

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