iPhone8 / Plus will back the glass front of the premium model, made of stainless steel metal featured


KGI reliability of the Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo 2017 iPhone is probably the front of the glass and the back of the design, such as the adoption and the prediction, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, which further has released a new report. The idea is, the new jet black iPhone 7 is believed to be that the appeal of the glossy finish that there is a very popular and customers has been proven, the glass, it’s going to be much less scratch prone. Apple, for the customer to avoid “micro-abrasion” from common usage, we recommend that you use a case with the aluminum model shiny.


iPhone8’s design?

Specifically, KGI is, the pre-order check of the “around the world, jet black 30 from 35 percent and 45 to 50 percent of pre-order in China is hard to buy in the” Cause inventory iPhone 7 model said to show that you have selected the constraints. Apple is the case and follow-not through what KGI suggests, the design of all of the glass is, Apple is depending on how you want to handle the design, line-up of iPhone all extend the glossy finish on the color of the (iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is, you could only available in black or white) was.

Report or difference, and it is the curvature of the cut, it refers to the use of the “2.5D glass” on top of the so-called “3D glasses”. KGI is, 2.5D rounding the glass withstand the drop than is in 3D, it has suggested lead to more durable glass design. The report also, as a reason to return to all of the glass, refers to the low yield rate of jet black iPhone 7. Customers prefer the glossy finish, it is difficult to produce in large quantities Apple is required speed.

Finally, KGI next year, the model of the new iPhone, we expect that the possibility of using stainless steel or stainless steel is dependent on any one of the high-end model and the aluminum metal case. This is not a re-design of the era of the iPhone 4, using the difference of metal, you can call back in a new effort to push the customer to the high-end model.

KGI, the model of previous next year of the iPhone, today’s report further, based on the evidence, as well as highlight the possibility, we expect to return to the design of all of the glass. The company lowered like design iPhone 4, thanks to the size of the bezel, perhaps, also expects to be able to introduce more models of a larger 5.8 inches. You, the design of the iPhone 4 is may be remembered that had been limited to 3.5-inch model. The current iPhone has been resized to 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.


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First Post: October 5, 2016


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