Also iPadPro7.9 inch model iPadmini5 the launch of the abolition to 10.1-inch model

According to the story of reliable sources, the next iPad Pro (12.9-inch) is equipped with a 12 million-pixel iSight camera and True Tone flash, seems Display P3 corresponding True Tone display is adopted.


Change the name?

iPad mini 4 is made of new as iPad Pro (7.9-inch), equipped with a Smart Connector, seems to change to 4 speaker audio specification.

In addition, 12 million pixels of the iSight camera, True Tone flash, seems to also be employed, such as Display P3 corresponding True Tone display.
Next iPad Pro (9.7-inch) is the iPad Pro (10.1-inch), and the length of about 1cm, side about 0.5mm larger way.

All of the New iPad Pro seems to be changed from the dual microphone to quad microphone.

In the iPhone 7 · iPhone 7 Plus, seems to have been no longer 3.5mm headphone jack, is continued equipped with iPad Pro line.

It is expected to be shipped around the spring of 2017.


It seems there is a possibility that iPadmini 5 will be released in March 2019, too. I am thinking that it will be quite a while yet since I am writing this article at the time of October 2018, but is not it okay to expect it?

iPadmini is currently being introduced to the 4 th generation, and regrettably the fourth generation is considerably inferior to the current 2018 model iPhone etc. in terms of specifications.

Therefore I think that there are very few people who buy mini 4 at the present time, but I think whether it can expect quite a bit when iPadmini 5 is released in the future.

Currently iPhoneXsMAX is on sale, iPhoneXsMAX screen size is 6.5 inches. It is a model larger than 1 inch larger than that.

Since the bezel will also be considerably thinner, the difference in actual size may not be that big.

Nevertheless, it means that there are many people looking for a large screen model, so it can be quite expected. If you think that it is unnecessary to size up to iPadPro, the possibility of purchasing will be high.

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First Posted: October 5, 2016


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