GALAXY NOTE7 quite blow recall the discontinued Samsung also vain

Fire accident even new Galaxy note 7 to complement the defect of the battery is reported one after another, the wavelength is large.

10 days, according to the US of the major media and domestic Samsung Electronics partner parties, major mobile communications company in the United States, tentatively suspend the sale of the Galaxy note 7, Samsung Electronics also, temporarily production of this product It was to be interrupted. As the wavelength is increased, re-locate the root cause of the fire is believed to be because became more important.

Samsung Electronics is associated with this, not yet put out an official position. However, currently, the Korean National Technology standard Institute, US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), since the state in which the investigating in cooperation with government agencies in each country, such as China’s regulatory authorities, for follow-up in the near future it has been observed that the issue position.


Samsung Electronics, why was discontinued Galaxy note 7 production

Samsung Electronics partners official 10 days, “Samsung Electronics, sensors, modules, and requested the supply interruption to the partners in the Galaxy note 7, such as iris recognition are supplying parts” were reported.

Decision of this production discontinuation, took place one after another recently in the United States, it is interpreted from the new Galaxy note 7 fire accident.

In particular, has been interpreted as the AT & T and T-Mobile, such as the two companies of the United States of mobile communication company has decided to provisionally suspend the galaxy note 7 replacement work has had a decisive influence. The United States four major mobile communications company is also, in the case last weekend, consumers who recalled once the Galaxy note 7 also that safety is a concern in all at once, it was to clarify the policy of us to re-exchange the other product.

The Samsung only temporarily stop selling in the United States is the largest demand destination, after stopping the production, seem to embark on the understanding of the cause has been determined that the order.

This decision has been observed as the highest layer began tense weekend.

Is not much is this incident have been placed in the critical juncture.


Have you not a defect in the battery itself a problem?

Samsung, initial galaxy to understand the cause of the fire accident spate of note 7 to the defect of the battery, has been the total amount of recall measures about 250 million units global amount from the beginning of last month.

Battery to be mounted on the Galaxy note 7 initial amount is a product that has been supplied from the Samsung SDI and China ATL. Among them, Samsung SDI, that the battery was the problem, was the Samsung side of the judgment.

However, products recent accident occurs, had to incident so products with ATL battery is confirmed that there is no problem in the existing from entering a new phase.

First Posted: October 11, 2016


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