iPhone7 even opposition to the explosion accident injury GALAXY NOTE7?

Curse of the explosion of mobile phone seems to have spread to Apple. He was shortly thereafter injured people who bought new iPhone7 to be transmitted while recording it on video. According to the man, the phone reportedly was collapsed by sending glass flying to his right hand to swell in his face causing one of his fingers.




In the case of iPhone7 is, (in just one week up to 5), but is not rampant about Samsung notebook 7 replacement, this is for the consumer safety is a top priority, is equally important.

Man after the Apple, they did not have the authority to handle such cases, it was said to have asked for after-sales support to proceed to forward the complaint to the head office was said to him. If, however, is, because it is currently under investigation, he is the man who bought in where the mobile phone was not stated.

Samsung, it is worse, the network carriers in the US 7 South Korean news agency has as the company has begun to stop the sale of the previous report and notes today that you have to stop the production.


First Posted: October 11, 2016

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