iPhone6SE iPhone7 appearance scheduled in distinction from the RAM mounting iPhone7 of Plus 3GB

iPhone7 of RAM seem to be different in the normal model and iPhone7Plus.

iPhone7 sounds seem to mount the RAM of the street 2GB until now.


iPhone7Plus is 3GB

iPhone7Plus of RAM is has been reported that there is a possibility to become a 3GB.

Current iPhone6s and iPhoneSE is equipped with a RAM of 2GB.

iPhone7 is expected to continue to be a RAM of 2GB.

Again I’m We certainly differentiation is made because this Plus. Differentiation was has been done in the iPhone and the Plus model until now.

However blatant differentiation so far did not been conducted.

And this time this is a true information it seems that it is quite differentiated.


capacity 1.5 times is quite different

Only if it does not change so much to operate the normal app, but it is certainly advantageous better RAM often and still launch a large capacity of app.

In addition, since we have the larger screen size becomes iPhone7Plus, it is probably expected to go up than to think if such resolution also iPhone7 from the screen size.

I guess the better was good of really large RAM for that.

Large-capacity screen resolution Even with the RAM there is a thing called decent to eat the RAM elements for reasons such as high.

I think more was good of thinking and also large-capacity model that kind of thing.

Still it seems that sell no more of the large-capacity model is a mistake and this kind of information is increased.

3GB is comfortable?

Do you comfortable when you hear to 3GB of RAM?
I think that certainly comfortable either, but is actually not much different? I think.
iPhone is also solid management of memory, I do not think that eating so much memory, even the current iPhone6.
There until either will become a comfortable and think so? It had better there than nothing, but I do not think that become comfortable enough to surprise.
Will it be a trend of the times? 4GB or more in Android is the norm.
Although iPhone might still less if 3GB, I think iPhone is really great to still be enough work.

First Posted: August 7, 2016


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