I found the operating speed of the iPhone7Plus 32GB model at a slower benchmark test

Faster, newer, better – we, all of the latest iPhone’ve still familiar is expected to become the fastest iPhone.

32 gigabytes and the exchange of the base version of the 16-gigabyte was just not overdue change that came with the one and this year generation of welcome. However, a little we are, this movement, knew that their own warning comes with.

Our benchmark tests, to believe that you have 32GB model is so far pointing to us, iPhone7, we 6S plus are available for comparison, the 64GB model of the 128 gigabytes in fact, compared to the model, several times lower storage performance.


Using a benchmark of free Basemark OS II from the App Store, we are, to run multiple test, we are in contrast to 1700 points from 1300 years obtained from other iPhone we have, iPhone 7 plus 32 gigabytes, you do not have to earn the point of more than 800 or so in the storage department.

The path mark – because it varies greatly from test to test the storage result of under Basemark, we decided to include a different benchmark. This benchmark, otherwise, almost equal to iPhone 7 plus 32 gigabytes its reading performance as the iPhone 6S Plus, has revealed that there is no badly in writing portion of the test.

However, the benchmark is a synthetic, we are wanted to see whether the relationship how to this low-speed storage is actual performance. So we came up with the following tests: We shot 10 minutes of 4K video of the iPhone, we then, it the function of the built-in standard Photos app half to accurately using the trimming trimming. We are, it was how much time out to take the three of iPhone in order to complete the operation to save the trim as a new file.

It is also doing yourself occasionally, read a large file it is the original (2.1 gigabytes), as it is a task that pretty might find include both writing of the big new video file, it is a great test.

And boy, what a difference – 32 gigabytes iPhone 7 Plus is, it was three times slower than 128-gigabyte model!



And, did you see the difference of storage writing evaluation of PassMark between the version of 32 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes? It’s almost 8 times faster.

Of course, we (but retail unit, which was bought in it the store), so we can not dismiss the possibility that our review unit has failed, in order to verify our findings, the second unit the did not have.

The difference in memory speed is not a chip manufacturer, Apple As can be attributed to the difference in size also may use different vendors for the storage chips.

But, regardless, of reason, storage is an overall important aspect of the performance of the mobile phone, and is we want to get this in as soon as possible a public place. We certainly have been able to do a lot of other people to further test, and we’ll get our answer one way or another things.

If you’re using either the 32-gigabyte version of two of the new iPhone, you beat us with your benchmark score in the comments below. We are, I want to get into this below.

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First Posted: October 12, 2016

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