Appeared announcement mat white model is white iPhone8 / 8 Plus? New color appeared happy

We out concept image of white iPhone8. Is I’m very nice because white iPhone.

Thing called white model was being is released from the front.

Recently there was no release of the white model here. I think that there are certain needs because white model.


What color?






Here it will be the iPhone, but do not you think quite cool? Personally, this is I think that is very cool.

iPhone would have been fascinated really everyone in terms of color. iPhone7 is that frenzy of jet black when it is released will was really amazing.

We still have more than a few people who can not be stock still the stock. Do you unlikely such for? I still think that it is not so much the fact that there are people who can not be on hand to have passed more than a month already released.


the past, white and black basic

Once upon a time the white model and a black model was the basic. A variety of color is now coming out recently here.

At the time the iPhone was released I think that it was only black.

Then it came out white, has become a model that will launch a gray Toka Toka Gold new color is no longer black.

People who gush every time a new color comes out I think quite often. I also go up is when the new color comes out the tension, the other a function after all where the new color came out I I maintain I wonder if good in models that can be put into the hands normally to think of the same … .

This time we are supposed to be the popularity of black and jet black is amazing in terms iPhone7, but it is the color that was from the front of that black. It will now dared been put in iPhone7?

At the same also I’m want to revive such a white model. White model is the color of classic Speaking of honest classic. I hope revived staple of color.

Still I think that is very cool.

By the way, this is I feel like the only was modeling something or iPhone6 ​​···

First Posted: October 26, 2016


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