GALAXY S8 specs of Galaxy S8 is adopted plans to leak SnapDragon830 4K resolution 6GB or more of RAM

Specifications of GALAXY S8 seems to be leaked. This is a very nice event.

The is specifications of GALAXY S8 is in the amazing thing is then released anything. I think in quite a few people who think that spec wants the higher up here.


leaked spec?


Here is a part of the specifications table.

Xiaomi Mi NOTE2 and specs comparison it has been, but has become a high models as much specs also actually here models.

I a model not yet been announced, it has become the top of specs than this model in comparison with this model.

It becomes quite specs such as adopting a SnapDragon821 regard this Xiaomi Mi NOTE2.

I think in quite glad that become more specs. Also it has adopted a 4K resolution with respect to resolution, that the adoption of this 4K resolution, in Japan will be called with the same resolution as the XPERIA Z5 PREMIUM.

Equivalent specs that went up you will see when you see this.

Not been almost released is because smartphone with a 4K resolution.

I’m quite interesting … Anyway this spec spill it because it is quite likely the battery has of is poor simply because 4K resolution.

Also it will be the fact that RAM is 6 or 8GB. This also do quite not really? It is a personal computer average and say 8GB of RAM. It will place called indeed.


Exynos8895 also amazing

Also Do you know that quite amazing CPU that Exynos8895?

Click here to leave me for a thing of the CPU, but there is no doubt it is a fairly high-performance CPU.

So what CPU is adopted in Japan? I think that’s the place to be worried about that, but in the Japanese model appears to SnapDragon830 is adopted.

This also I think is quite happy.

The world appears to launch the SnapDragon series in Japan the Exynos series. It is a personal impression, but more of SnapDragon series is not the thousands defunct as high reliability.

Also it can be very looking forward to the model that the I because it is Qualcomm’s world … There is no doubt.

First Posted: October 26, 2016


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