This is a new MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar 2016

Apple has leaked the next MacBook Pro Nino two hidden image your own big announcement in Sierra 12.1 updates of MacOS. MacRumors is, I noticed the image of the first system in the file. The new MacBook Pro meets.


As expected, the your MacBook Pro, equipped with second mini display on the keyboard. This is, by replacing the row of function, you need to change depending on what you are doing. In the example, you can see that you are requesting the user to confirm the (probably called Magic toolbar) display is touch ID sensor and Apple paid payment.


As you can see, the row of function is gone. On the other hand, I do not remember the last time you use the F7 key. On the other hand, physical escape key is no longer. In the photo, we left part of the display, you will find that you are equipped with a cancel button. So, more or less, it’s like hitting your escape of the current keyboard – but, you’re going to be compared in order to hit the upper left corner of the key of the difficult blindly keyboard.

These photos, also shows that will touch ID sensor of the new MacBook Pro is present. You can see the second photo below that touch ID area becomes a little darker. Since this is not the same color as the rest of the display, I think it is, I think that it is not the part of the display. However, it does not look like the home button on your iPhone and iPad. When you place your finger on the home button of your iPhone, metal ring senses the finger, and then trigger the touch ID sensor. Surprisingly, it does not have a ring around the touch ID sensor. Something like a 3D touch, potentially, regardless, there is a possibility that useless metal ring.

Also noteworthy, very much looks like the one on the MacBook retina of the key cap and a 12-inch keyboard is large. I do not like the low-key travel on the MacBook 12-inch retina. This keyboard is, if there is a deep switch, such as an external Magic Keyboard, it is still unknown.


As you can see in the photo above, the MacBook Pro 13-inch, we are going to have a slim bezel around the display and keyboard. In particular, this change is likely to MacBook’s have shown that it is a slim – and the speaker is in place on both sides of the keyboard, now under the keyboard. The hinge seems to be smaller. Is given, it is still, let’s hope that’s strong as in the one on the existing MacBook Pro model.

And that’s it for today! We do not know the number of ports of this notebook PC. We do not know the internal components, release date and price. According to the rumor, that you are going to come with the bundle of Intel Skylake processor and a USB type -C port, it has it. If you look at the the current MacBook Pro, when it comes to thickness, MagSafe port of the USB is the bottleneck. When you switch all of these ports to the USB type -C port, it’s going to be able to narrow the much more easily laptop.


Apple will hold an event on Thursday. In addition to the MacBook Pro model of the update, the company also, there is a need to update the excellent components and thirteen-inch MacBook Air with a new design. iMac, you can receive an update of the performance. Mac Pro’s and Mac Mini has been neglected year, if it was about to change, it is unknown. New retina external display, in the last while probably coming soon, it might not yet be ready. Apple is still announced a new display, was able to ship it later.


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