iPhone8 plans 5-inch model is the new appearance in three models from 4.7 to 5.5 inches

Taipei – To be released next year, three new iPhone models, industry sources are telling the Asian review Nikkei, there is a possibility to sport glass back, which is supplied by the technology of the Chinese beer Crystal Factory and the lens.



Apple’s high-tech giants in the United States it is given that it has discontinued the production of the iPhone 7 model 5.5 inches, and it is possible to change the plan for the new back, in 2017 the source is, however that said, of the device 10 anniversary before launch 6 months less than that we are ready to announce the over iPhone made in the Memorial, and hold a single lens.

“Apple has tentatively, all 5.5-inch model 5-inch 4.7-inch, away from the metal casing that has been adopted in the current iPhone, It was decided to have a glass back, beer and lens in order for the new, the next year of all of the back of the glass there is a possibility to provide the iPhone, “the source said.

New iPhone 8 range, will be expected to bear the glass cover, which is supplied by the current beer and lens. Glass front and back are held together by a metal frame.

Apple will appeal the potential customer, 7S of the iPhone is that by coming up with radically different appearance after it has been criticized as lacking the innovative features and is very similar to the previous model, to buy the new range has been inserted into the drive in order to fine-tune the existing fan.

The source also Foxconn technology group, and the iPhone assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry of known key as its subsidiaries, has been working on the development of the glass back, it is Taiwan’s manufacturing Mammoth, for the iPhone, the order of this component Chinese rival to say I was 8 series that is the case you will be able to ensure is, because it has the advantage of the technical side.

Foxconn is also the major metal case supplier of Apple, accounting for more than 50% of its total sales, is its largest customer. Foxconn’s is a key metal case manufacturer for the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE, to split the iPhone 7 order by catcher technology and the US-based Jabil.

Source, as Apple has not made a final decision on the design of the new metal frame, if Foxconn sales affected next year, has said it was unknown.


Apple did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment. According to the report, Hong Kong, beer Crystal is preparing to be listed in Shenzhen-listed lens of Foxconn, it was ahead of all of the comments.

Nikkei Asia of review, Apple has the iPhone of the overhaul, using advanced organic light-emitting diode panel, to report late August that the curved surface display to see the iPhone 8 model sports premium 5.5 inches, the other two handsets it will stick, but, according to the report, you have to adopt low-temperature poly-silicon panel by iPhone 7 that embattled Samsung Electronics is supplied.

Vincent Chen, Yuanta investment consulting analyst, another significant improvement of iPhone8 series wrote on October 20, note and would be to include the wireless charging function.

First Posted: October 27, 2016


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