iPhone8 / 8 in Plus VR corresponding front glass housing overseas famous blogger published

The new iPhone that Apple will release next year, has it been widely reported to be a very innovative product. However, according to the latest leak information it’s going to be a shocking devices that exceed our imagination.

Robert Scoble, known as a famous blogger in the original Microsoft employees, has published the details of the information obtained from the parties in the post of Facebook. The iPhone launched in 2017, though that technology, such as the SF is large amount of input. Below to post an excerpt of the post of Scoble.


Design surface

“Next iPhone whole surface is made of glass. A shape gorilla glass was sandwiched inside surface to prevent damage is covered with polycarbonate. In addition, a plurality of sources to adopt next generation organic EL on the screen It was confirmed from ”


“When the next iPhone is inserted into the headset of the eye sensor with slot, running as a VR machine. Drawing performance will outweigh the desktop machine of the NVIDIA 1080 card installed”

New interface

“Apple is in the next iPhone, which was acquired in the 300 million $ 45 million in 2013 (about 360 billion yen), Israel’s PrimeSense Ltd. of next generation 3D sensor is mounted. Apple is only the development of sensors, 600 people toward the engineers in 2017 that .iPhone is celebrating the birth 10 weeks a year that has been put into Israel, Apple is trying to introduce the technology, such as changing the mobile industry from the ground up. ”


“Battery and antenna from a plurality of sources, it was confirmed to be a form to be pushed into the corner of the outer peripheral portion of the screen. Apple have placed the chip such that constitutes the terminal on the bottom of the terminal”


The possibility of realization?

Here in the described specifications, it is also included those hard to believe that in the flurry. One of them with a high-spec that is comparable to desktop machine, but that the battery of its own space is very small. In the smartphone of the current situation it is occupied by the battery for 60% of the internal terminal. Scoble is known for that you have the very source of highly accurate information, even so I talk to doubt ear.

However, here in that it contains some of the truth will no doubt. That touch ID sensor is built-in display as the author would like to hope. Space of the top and bottom of the bezel part of the current iPhone 7 is thereby significantly reduced.

In addition, we hope the emergence of long-awaited wireless charging and rapid charging function of the time of wired charging. In addition, Apple during the past few years, but has not been revamped iOS of design, it is also expected to visit the drastic change in the iOS 11.

In recent years, it is becoming to those similar all smartphone’s design. Google’s latest terminal, from the fact that Pixel is similar to the iPhone the more ridiculous, it’s obvious. Dramatic changes in the iPhone is also the effect of activating the entire smartphone industry. I hope that Scoble of prediction is correct.

First Posted: October 31, 2016

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