iPhone8 / Plus is let out a sharp executives that with a curve prove to be an organic EL EDGE style

iPhone, which then will be launched is has been reported to be the organic EL display.

That it may become an organic EL it is actually had been transmitted from the previous.

Becoming an organic EL will there be any benefits?

of the organic EL benefits

Because the organic EL is, you can be required to have a backlight like a normal panel without considerably thinner.

And not just a flat-screen, there is no particular problem with respect to shape change.

It will have to enable EDGE style. Everyone displays that are mounted in the GALAXY series know’s the organic EL display if now.

The benefits of the organic EL display is put together and the two points
– Very possible a flat-screen
Display can be bent

The two points are the main role of the organic EL.


this time of the key players?

Because key players due to this organic EL, called Tai Jeng-wu of Sharp executive. This person is also a director of Hon Hai, it is one of the people that can learn up to the iPhone of production and procurement.

By the remarks of this person, we tell the potential to be in the organic EL.

And has reportedly also are making the manufacturing plant of organic EL in Japan followed it, I think it’s very interesting.

The one does not know is making the manufacturing plant of organic EL anywhere in Japan, but I think it is almost certainly that is moving sharp under the umbrella of Hon Hai.

If it is the manufacturing plant, I guess is fairly done because the supply of the future iPhone.

This is communicated in the same way anyone who Minchi Kuo of KGI Securities, it is I think it’s very interesting.


iPhone8 PREMIUM model of

iPhone8 might be named iPhone8, iPhone8Plus, and iPhone8PREMIUM.

I do not know what the moment of EDGE style thing that applies to either one, but there is no doubt pretty fun thing.

That here in three is likely to be the model equipped with
Although the article had been out in the past, I really look forward to if the are three models equipped.

If you select any model good to you do? It is fun with it fairly.

First Posted: November 3, 2016


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