“Galaxy S8”, the screen occupancy is expected to exceed 90% – Samsung employee suggests

The Investor reports on the employee’s suggestion that the screen share of the next generation flagship smartphone “Galaxy S8” made by Samsung Korea could exceed 90% on 31st (local time).



Park Won-san, Senior Chief Engineer at Display Manufacturing Division of Samsung, recently introduced a new type flexible organic EL display with screen occupancy exceeding 90% at display technology conference “IMID 2016” held last week at Seoul, Korea, I announced that I will make it appear in 2017.
In addition, he revealed that next-generation displays will be launched within a few years to achieve a screen share of 99%, but whether or not the above display will be adopted in the “Galaxy S8” series He seemed to have avoided the statement.
The other day, the next generation flagship Fabrette “Mi MIX” realizing the screen occupancy rate of 91.3% from China Xiaomi was announced (past articles), Apple also in “iPhone 8” series, “terminal It is also rumored that it is anticipated to adopt an organic EL display with a structure covering the entire front.


Also, according to The Investor, during the presentation by Mr. Park, a special “Galaxy S 7 edge” with display covered at the front of the terminal also appeared, a demonstration of a new form factor demo that was abolished with the physical home button It was done.
Samsung is suffering from the unexpected crisis that the sale of “Galaxy Note 7” is suspended, but as the Galaxy S8 series emerges as an attractive terminal that completely wipes out the newly planted negative image It is a place I want to expect.

First posting date: November 4, 2016


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