New color ‘Pure White’ appears on iPhone 7/7 Plus Supplier a chain reveals

A new report from Japanese technical blog Macotakara suggests that Apple will update iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to add the Jet White color option. Following the popularity of shiny jet black, Apple adds a glossy white case option to the existing Flagship iPhone based on its name. Currently, iPhone 7 series mobile phones are available in five colors: silver, black, gold, rose gold and jet black.

Since the source is not detailed and does not follow the traditional cycle of Apple’s product release, this report has to be treated quite skeptically.


Since the original iPhone, Apple has not added a new color to the existing iPhone hardware design. New colors are being introduced as part of next generation redesign. For example, Apple added Gold color on iPhone 5s and Rose Gold on iPhone 6s.

Perhaps the only exception to this is iPhone 4 released in nine months after the black model in June 2010, but it was scheduled to be released at the same time, but it was difficult because it was delayed for manufacturing.

Macotakara has been tracking Apple’s products for several months, but I do not feel confident in this report. The source story as a whole is two sentences, the latter just warns that “this information is untrustworthy”.

When Apple announced a brilliant white case finish new ceramic apple watch edition, the possibility of Jet White iPhone 8 was pushed into the rumor. However, the cost and practicality of making the iPhone from the same material is not clear, and it is by no means reliable. Apple seems to be far crippling to add such radical changes to the existing iPhone 7 series hardware.


Apple’s engineering will be focused on the development of iPhone 8 at this time. Adding a new color mid-cycle color as a new Apple option upgraded to iPhone 7 on release. Apple is struggling to meet the demand of the existing 5-color iPhone 7 lineup, so adding another SKU to the supply chain is not a hurry.

For now, I treat the idea of ​​Jet White iPhone 7 as a very sketchy rumor that needs more legitimacy than a blog post of two sentences in order to obtain actual reliability.

First posting date: November 10, 2016


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