IPhone 9 / Plus Pro iPhone 9 Specs Release date Waterproof reservation prediction

I would like to talk about when iPhone 9 is released. It is now 2016 that I am writing this.

I think that iPhone 7 will be released in 2016, but since it seems that it will become time to release iPhone 9 four years after iPhone 7 is released, I think that it is common to think that the release of iPhone 9 will be around 2020.


Estimated spec

As iPhone 9 is released four years later, what is the model four years ago? It is said that if I talk about iPhone 7 since it was released 4 years ago it is about iPhone 5. (This is the first time I wrote this article in January 2016.)

Inch was up at that point.

Current screen sizes are 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

Since I think that it is somewhat settled with this screen size, I think that there is probably no change in screen size even though I think from iPhone 9 being released, probably these models will almost certainly continue to sell think.

The CPU is said to be adopted by iPhone 7 for A10, it is normal to think of A14. I think that the contents are evolving to about Octa core.

RAM will probably be 4 GB. It is 2GB with current iPhone 6s. Even if it doubles in 4 years, it is not amusing.

What’s worrisome camera

The number of pixels of the camera was already 8 million pixels at the time of iPhone 5. It is 12 million pixels with iPhone 6s, and in reality the number of pixels of the camera is not increased so much.

Considering that, it probably will stay at the level of 16 million pixels or 20 million pixels. Incidentally, Android has a lot of models with cameras with around 20 million pixels, so after 4 years probably more models will exceed 30 million pixels. I think that the spec around that is somewhat weak.

In iPhone 7 Plus, there is also information to install dual cameras, and dual cameras around iPhone 9 may be adopted normally.


As expected, 16 GB seems to be gone. I think that the minimum is 32 GB or so.

I think that it is possible to think that the maximum is 256 GB.

It may be 32GB, 128GB, 256GB lineup.

Is there also 256 GB on the iPhone really? Although there may be many people who think that it is, there are people who put quite a lot of high-res music and some people put 4K animation etc. There is a possibility that further capacity increase is required around that time.

Expected release date

Release will be forecast if it goes well in September 2020, but in reality it is still ahead, so I can not say anything.

There are definitely many people who think that they want to release it.

I’d like to expect something in the future.


Is the release date ahead of schedule?

IPhone 8 is said to be coming in 2017. If you think so, you may think that it might be a schedule release date ahead of schedule.

Being a schedule release date ahead of schedule is also likely to be the release date around September 2019.

That said, it might be like iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone 8s, iPhone 9, with iPhone 7s in between.

That means that it will be around September 2020.

Anyway, I think that it will definitely be a very popular model.

First posting date: November 10, 2016


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