IPhone 8 / Plus 2 models? 5 inch 5.8 inch Plus is the same case? Only the screen size is large

I think that there are many people who know that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are scheduled to be released about a year later.

About the iPhone to be released next, it seems to be the 10th anniversary, so it does not seem to come out with the name iPhone 7s.

And it seems to be named iPhone 8. If the name iPhone 7s is called the basic chassis is the same as the iPhone 7 …


iPhone 8 Plus is the same case?

For the iPhone 8 Plus, the enclosure seems to be the same.

The fact that the housings are the same means that it is about the same size as it is now.

There are quite a lot of people expecting if it is the same size as the current one. The expectation is that it is quite appreciated that only the screen gets bigger and the casing remains intact. It will be hard to use if you enlarge the case.

Especially if you put in many breast pockets it will be hard to put in your breast pocket. Would not it be much appreciated there?

Also, from 5.7 inch to 5.8 inch is said to be up, but 0.1 inch will not change much.

It is followed by iPhone 8, but here is a 0.3 inch up from 4.7 inch to 5 inch. You can understand it as if you uploaded so far.

Basically, nothing has changed with iPhone 7 with iPhone 6s. It would be a good thing to make it inch up.


Curved display of organic EL adopted only for Plus

IPhone 8 is said to be equipped with organic EL, but it is said that Plus is the only one adopted it.

With Plus only curved display it probably will fit within the frame even if you set the screen size to 5.8 inches.

It is what is called bezelless.

I think that it will be very stylish by becoming a bezelless, is not it wrong?

There is also news that Sharp will provide organic EL, and it is surely a pleasure.

First posting date: November 14, 2016


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