Next iPad Pro inch from 9.7 inches to 10.9 inches Screen size is large

The next iPadPro has a possibility enough to inch up from the current 9.7 inch.

IPadPro is a model that changed its name from iPadAir and became a Pro model.


By becoming a Pro model, I feel that I have increased my presence further.

Although it is such iPadPro, in the future the 9.7 inch model may be abolished.


Coexistence with iPadPro 12.9 inch model?

I feel that it will not compete with the iPadPro 12.9 inch model.

When the 10.9 inch model of iPadPro comes out, it is expected to be released as Bezelless. Therefore it seems that there is no substitute for the case size now.

What is called Bezerores is that there is no so-called relationship.

Since it comes to the edge of the screen, it means that it can be used as a large screen without changing the housing size.

Then do not you think it is pretty good?

It does not change the basic size, there is a possibility that only the screen grows.


Release date?

There is a possibility that the release of iPadPro 10.9 inches will be around March 2017.

The current iPadPro was also released in March 2016. If so, I am convinced that it will be after one year.

However, the replacement demand from the current iPadPro is quite small.

To be honest, the iPad is mature enough to be usable for more than two years.

It is a model that it is very well done with respect to ease of use as well as possession of a battery.

In that case, almost no replacement demand will be generated.

There may be room for replacement from the original iPadAir.

The next thing I would like to expect is that the RAM is 4 GB, but it may be possible to clear it.

First posting date: November 14, 2016


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