nfluence of Mr. Trump ‘s President of the United States Implementation of iPhone manufacturing in the USA?

I think that everyone knows that Mr. Trump has been elected to the next President of the United States but Mr. Trump seems to think that he wants to bring manufacturing to the United States.

That means there is a possibility that the iPhone will be manufactured in the USA as well.


Do you manufacture iPhone in the USA?

Currently we manufacture iPhone in China. To put it exactly, I assume that we are doing assembly in China, but what will be the effect if actually done in the US?

First of all, personnel expenses are higher in the US than in China. It is said that the manufacturing cost will be doubled accordingly.

I think that the price of the parts probably is not much different in America or China. Although Apple naturally carries out global procurement, companies that are engaged in global procurement are subject to currency conversions, but basically there is not much change in price of goods.

If you think so, there is no doubt that it can raise manufacturing costs with labor costs.

Then it will bounce back to the selling price too. The price of the iPhone is now around 100,000 yen.

Since it is said that the parts cost of manufacturing is said to be between 200 dollars and 300 dollars, and labor costs are required for that, the manufacturing cost will be about 70,000 yen to 80,000 yen per one.

It is thought that the price range will be about 120,000 yen if the manufacturing cost goes up to that. It is quite expensive …

It is a little surprising price range.


Would you actually transfer some of the production to the USA?

Is not it actually to transfer a part of production to the United States?

Even if all production is impossible, if some iPhone will be produced in the USA, I think that the cost of the iPhone will change if you look at it in total.

However, considering only domestic consumption, it is enough to think that manufacturing an iPhone that consumes only in the United States will be produced.

Nevertheless, one may not be so large compared to the manufacturing cost, such as the shipping cost of the iPhone.

It will not be cheap enough to absorb transportation costs.

Even so, I think that it is a realistic story if you think that you are making a consultation to the manufacturer.

Actually, it seems that the assembly manufacturer will open a factory in the United States, but if you manufacture in the US, the speed of production may be higher than it is now.

I think that it is good for the user with that.

First posting date: November 23, 2016


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