Whether you developed a 3D camera module with LG for Apple iPhone 8 / Plus

Although iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be released in the future, 3D cameras may be installed in it.

As with iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 / Plus is also very likely to have a dual camera installed.

There is a possibility that it is possible to develop a 3D camera using that camera.


3D camera

IPhone 7 Plus currently uses optical zoom, but it is now possible to use that optical zoom.

It seems to be developing 3D cameras as a new use of the camera.

When it comes to 3D cameras, it actually blew the world a few years ago. I think that there are many people who know it. It is a very epoch-making thing that you can develop 3D screens using 3D cameras and enjoy 3D even without 3D glasses.

This 3D camera is to use the dual camera provided by LG.

The camera installed in the current iPhone 7 Plus is manufactured by a company called LG Innotech under LG’s affiliate, but it is reported that it is also developing 3D cameras.


3D once disappeared but is it again a sign of resurrection?

A thing called a smartphone equipped with 3D appeared quite in the world, but nowadays it has really become less smart with 3D.

There is no such thing as a model equipped with 3D in models sold in Japan.

When 3D was in fashion for a while, it was released from Sharp and htc.

Toshiba something like that I can enjoy 3D TV etc without eyeglasses, so I put it out to the world, but it is actually temporary and there are not any people taking 3D things now and using that No one is watching TV.

After all, there seems to have been many opinions that it tires when seeing 3D television.

It will definitely be prevalent if it comes to resurrection on iPhone 8.

IPhone 8 is no doubt that it is a terminal possessed by quite a few people in Japan. To be possessed by quite a few people, of course, there is an increasing need for 3D.

If it becomes, the need to see 3D also revives. Especially, I do not think that people who are currently about high school students are so familiar with 3D.

It seems that we can properly draw out the needs of such young people.

That would be really fun if that happens.

First posting date: November 29, 2016


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