IPhone 8 will introduce a curved organic EL display and the latest sensor

Apple’s high-end OLED iPhone 8 was announced on Sunday that it could potentially use a curved display rather than a flat panel and potentially incorporate new touch-sensitive technology.


According to multiple sources, Apple claims to be planning a 2017 iPhone with a 5.5-inch “premium” version with an OLED screen, along with a new model with a conventional LCD display , Today’s report, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 It is said to have the best smartphone display on the market.

“Samsung can supply a curved OLED display of just under 100 million yen to Apple,” the company’s OLED version of the new iPhone told The Korea Herald, who is familiar with this problem.
Rumors summarizing Apple ‘s intention to release multiple iPhone models have not been suggested that it can delay the adoption of OLED technology completely due to supply constraints. Samsung is Apple ‘s only OLED display supplier in 2017 and LG and Sharp are partnered with companies tapped to start production in 2018, but this year’s 10th anniversary iPhone lineup Limited supply may bring about differentiation.

According to Herald, the curved OLED capacity of Samsung (Samsung) is estimated to be about 70 to 100 million. This is consistent with previous estimates, but less than half of the annual sales of Apple’s iPhone series, boasting approximately 200 million units sold annually.


According to the paper, although it is stated that next year’s iPhone is not foldable, in order to set it separately from Samsung’s mobile phone, “When the user touches either side of the mobile phone, the phone answers” There is a possibility that a new sensing technology will be installed. Although future details are not clarified, I point out from the source that Apple may ultimately choose not to adopt this technology.

In other rumors, Apple’s major iPhone redesign includes wireless charging and glass body, physical home button, edge-to-edge bezel free display with built-in fingerprint sensor and camera with touch ID It is said that there is a possibility.



First posting date: December 19, 2016

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