XPERIA X 2017 model Photo Leak SnapDragon 650 adopted?

As we read in GSMarena, this could be the appearance of the Xperia X of this year 2017. It would stand out because it is extremely thin and with very small frames.


The rectangular appearance is still present, something that we would like since the Sony terminals are not precisely ergonomic and rounding the lines would be something that users would appreciate the signature. Otherwise, we see few changes.



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It may be a fake leak or it may actually be the case of the new Sony device. If so, we hope to know soon the hardware that will include. The 650 is a pretty powerful processor, so the margin of improvement would surely pass by the inclusion of the renovations of this soc, an improved camera and some surprise that Sony wants to incorporate.

Quoted from: landro4all

First posting date: January 3, 2017


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