GALAXY S8 Galaxy S8 benchmark appeared to turn out to be lower than iPhone 7


The benchmark score of GALAXY S8 came out. It seems to appear as a rival of iPhone 7, but as a result of the benchmark it seems that it is unfortunately found that it is not so high compared with iPhone 7.

Do not you think that it is very disappointing for the person waiting for GALAXY S8?


Benchmark results



Here is the result of the benchmark.

As a result, I think that I do not understand much even if I look at only this, but actually it is not so expensive.

The score of this single core is 1844, but it is about 3300 by the score of iPhone 7’s single core.

Even if it looks as multicore it is around 5400. Then iPhone 7 is obviously more on iPhone 7 when considering that it is dual core.

Of course, not all of the processing is a CPU, but I am forced to say it is very regrettable.

There is also information that SnapDragon 835 planned to be installed in the GALAXY S8 exceeds the iPhone 7 on a single level, and this information is very disappointing.

However, it is still under development at the present stage of what it is, so it can not be said that this is all.

Still a little disappointing result.


New function with AI

Still AI is carried and there is no doubt that it will appear with the latest function.

Will it be equipped with AI to analyze oneself behavior and predict actions to be done in the future?

By constantly inputting time such as it happens, you may be able to review your own lifestyle.

Basically I think that it will make a suggestion to become a Plus to myself, so I am very much looking forward to it.

It seems that Android will adopt the latest function and 7.0 or more will be adopted, I think that it can be expected model.

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First posted date: January 4, 2017

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