IPhone 7s iPhone 8 iPhone 7s PREMIUM Vertical dual cameras appearing as 5 inch model?

I think that everyone knows that dual cameras were introduced in iPhone 7 Plus.

Although it is next iPhone 7s to be released, it is almost certain that dual cameras will be installed.

Although it is this dual camera, there is a high possibility that it will be placed in a vertical position.


What is vertical placement?


It seems to be like this.

This is very interesting.

What are the merits of becoming a dual camera? That is to say, the best merit is that you can still shoot blur. Until now it was a common technology in SLR, but it also came to smartphone.

By shooting this blur, it is possible to take a subject pretty beautifully.

With that and a dual camera, the zoom function will be very good. By placing different cameras such as the zoom function, you now select the camera that fits that zoom.

Given that kind of thing, dual cameras will be able to take better pictures than monocular cameras.


Is there a merit in portrait orientation?

It seems to be a problem of the place of the camera completely to put it in portrait. Even horizontal setting is good, but since the camera actually moves away from the subject, the position of the camera is not so bad either sideways or vertical.

It may be more convenient for you to vertically install iPhone as it becomes. Although it is a camera adopted for the new iPhone, I think that it is probably not adopted for the 4.7 inch model.

It is planned to be mounted on the PREMIUM model, which is said to be about 5 inches in screen size, but it may be effective to arrange other modules by setting it vertically.

Still there is not a model called a vertical-mounted camera, is not it? Usually it is horizontal.

As for appearance it is cleaner and I personally like the sideways.


iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 s released?

There are rumors that iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s will be on sale, but how is it actually?

Will iPhone 8 be released as a regular model with PREMIUM model?

Is iPhone 7s Premium released in words?

I think that there is no doubt that it will be installed with a dual camera, so it is not unusual for anything to be enjoyed either way.

First posted date: January 11, 2017

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