GALAXY S7 EDGE popular both ease of use amazing specification

Worldwide very popular GALAXY S7 EDGE is quite popular.

Why there is a popular up there? And I think, but you have models that XPERIA X Performance has been announced as rival models, but that there is a difference considerably in specs and compare the two models specs I think or cause.


GALAXY S7 EDGE of the specs?

I think you will care what spec’s?

So we’d like to introduce you to spec.

size about 151mmx about 73mmx about 7.7mm
weight 158g
OS Android6.0.1
CPU Snapdragon820 MSM8996 / 2.2GHz × 2 core + 1.6GHz × 2 core
display about 5.5 inches 2560×1440
camera 1220 million pixels / 500 million pixels
battery 3600mAh
color Black Onyx, White Pearl, Pink Gold
other waterproof

Here will be the spec, but in the models that are dealing with the current career I think is the most specs are high for the.

There is no high-spec models so far. The thing is you are very seems to be popular.

GALAXY S7 EDGE ease of use

Is the ease of use of this model, but it has become the best feature is the fact that EDGE style.

It is really unique because this EDGE style.

This will Some people that people also difficult to use if put that easy-to-use.

The fact that the various things to EDGE part is displayed, you may easy to use in the sense that can be made to various display information.

The rest is appearance, but it looks I think many parts of the familiar.

After all is I think that there is no thing O’do once you get used to it.

ability of the camera is amazing

This model is the ability of the camera is quite amazing.

Photos will take quite beautiful even in a dark room very low and F value 1.7.

Is an image of a quote from here Samsung’s home page, but it is characterized by noise even in the dark is small.

We have put a force on the pretty camera. By the way, the F value of the XPERIA X Performance is 2.0.

Here is the page you are writing a description such as the F value. F value is also I want to see to some extent. But it’s amazing camera evolution of here recent smartphone.

Really this even those who think that not need a personal computer also feel like quite a lot, if any. It would have become considerably less, such as sales of its for the personal computer.

People say enough tablet and in such a large-screen smartphone also I think that quite often.

is determined to have the battery

GALAXY is S7 EDGE, but I think or decide is still have the battery.

There is not much of that model there is a 3600mAh battery stuff in the smartphone which has been released recently here.

So I think and because EDGE model I think might be very attractive to a certain thing 3600mAh.

There is also some of the about 4000mAh in the smartphone made abroad, in which there is a brand, I think that is equivalent with because about 3600mAh.

Because Sumaho the battery has of some pretty, not now of career model.

Even XPERIA X Performance is not even 3000mAh.

Very I would like to recommend is that still have the battery. Personally model with a battery about two days I think very nice.

Because have the battery is as it very important in terms of using the smartphone.

I think that by all means I want you to consider. It much battery of this model is that it has.

rival models XPERIA X Performance?

XPERIA X Performance is also quite a popular model, but seems to have gone out from the already # 1 of sales.

I want you to see here, but it is not already the first place.
iPhone6s seems had surrendered first place to.

It much iPhone6s would be that popular models. In fact rather than a model that is popular, but is why there is a feeling that XPERIA X Performance has been stalled, but it is a little disappointing.

GALAXY S7 EDGE There is no doubt that is a model that sell also not cheap.

Because pretty high-spec, it is also possible to use naturally two years.

It is where I want to be a model change by all means.


GALAXY NOTE7 also announced

GALAXY NOTE7 also been worldwide announcement.

It is a very famous model in the world, but unfortunately GALAXY NOTE7 and GALAXY S7 EDGE of the spec is not much change.

It has enough feel, even the current GALAXY S7 EDGE and think so.

By the way, au is also released such as the Olympic model, we are very in popularity.

GALAXY series also DoCoMo seems to be sold in its own way.

Again I think also is sufficient to the model change in this model is asked to look at the online shop. I think whether it much use models.

First Posted: August 7, 2016


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