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ApplePencil Apple Pencil The next 2017 model is magnetically clinging to iPadPro

Do you know what ApplePencil is called? This ApplePencil is a pencil for people who possess iPad etc to use to write pictures.

It is not a real pencil but a pseudo-pencil, so you can easily draw a picture on a tablet etc.

The information of the next ApplePencil came out, so I would like to tell you.


The next Apple Pencil will become a magnet

The next ApplePencil is a magnet and seems to be specifications that cling to the main body.

Attaching to the body seems to be realized by embedding a magnet internally.

Where are you pulling it so far? Although it is undecided up to the place, if it can be attached to the main body it is quite useful.



Regarding the release, it seems that it will be quite a while because it is currently patent-pending. Probably it will be in 2018.

Moreover, if it comes to becoming a specification to be attached to the main body, I think that it will be placed near the bezel, but there is also information that iPadPro becomes bezelless, where can it be attached to bezeles actually? Is it?

That is very anxious.

iPad Pro2 3 types 10.5 inches 12.9 inches Budget version of 9.7 inches will be released this spring

By making this information larger screen, it becomes information that seems to be lost in the bezel, but it really makes me feel it.

However, although the current iPad has a bezel so far, I think that it is possible to drag it there.

What will be the future? I think that it is very worrisome.

Source: patentlyapple

First posting date: January 16, 2017


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