Htc 11 spec price release date new function prediction

We are introducing the model which will be released next to htc 10 called htc 11.

Au has started handling from Japan with htc 10 model.

Since htc 10 was really released in Japan as a global model, it seems that it is not actually selling so much.

Since Japan’s original specifications are not included, au started handling as truly raw state htc10.


Being in good condition

The elementary state is that operation speed is improving because there is no unnecessary program in comparison with other models.

I think that there is something of fun that I make up by myself because there are no extra apps or extra features added.

Still, I think that there are not so many people who like such customization in Japanese, so it seems that the release itself with such specifications in Japan was not so much improved.

Because the model of htc was very good, I personally think that it is quite a good model, but the area is a bit subtle, is not it?

htc 11

Regarding htc 11, it is said that the CPU called Snapdragon 830 will come out in the future, it is said that it will adopt it.

Currently Snapdragon 821 has been announced and it is said that the specification improved by about 10% compared to Snapdragon 820.

It will be a higher CPU than that. Snapdragon 830 is obviously a higher-level CPU.

Moreover, it suggests the possibility of adopting 8 GB for RAM. However, although GALAXY NOTE 7 etc. are also on sale at present, even 4 GAL of RAM even with GALAXY NOTE 7. If so, it seems a bit impossible to sell a model equipped with a large amount of RAM to that extent.

Regarding the camera, it is said that the rear is 12 million pixels and the front is 5 million pixels. Regardless of this, it means that there are fewer pixels than general or general.

Still, although the GALAXY series is a camera with 12 million pixels here recently, it has a reputation that it can photograph considerably beautifully.

Do you think that’s enough? You think.

Although it is ROM, it is said that 32 or 64 GB stuff is adopted.

Personally I want you to say 64 GB ~, but there may be a price balance, too.

What’s on sale in Japan?

It will be released from au if it is released in Japan.

Au deals with htc all the time, it is a model that can sell it as it is in Japan.

DoCoMo also dealt with htc in the past, but it is not dealt with now. I think that it will be released from au if it is released again.

Although htc is not so popular in Japan, it is a very good manufacturer. It is a place where you want us to go handling in Japan.

htc has not changed recently in Japan

Htc is not very popular in the Japanese market recently.

A model called htc 10 was released from au, but it has not sold so much.

About evaluation it is not good place …

Although htc originally delivered considerably to au, it seems that the quantity has decreased considerably recently here.

Basically we delivered overseas global models to Japan with almost no customization when we delivered htc10.

I think that it is quite a few people who can accept it in the Japanese market, so it was a bit disappointing.

Personally, since the htc model is one of my favorite models, I thought that I wanted to work hard a little, but what about now?

I also feel that LG is selling models that are sold in the Japanese market rather than htc.

Will the Japanese market sell XPERIA, GALAXY in the future?

There is no doubt that the wind hits of other models are quite strong.

Internal memory is set to 8 GB?

Internal memory It is said that so-called RAM will be 8 GB.

This is the latest information.

I think that this model is a reference.

HTC U Ultra スペック 日本発売は? カメラ 性能 機能 auでの発売に期待

It was released in 2017. I think whether this model will be helpful.

Really htc will release good ones. I think it’s pretty good. I think that htc 11 is highly likely to be released in Japan.


Is CPU fixed with SnapDragon 835?

SnapDragon 820 was adopted in htc 10, but SnapDragon 835 is supposed to be adopted in htc 11.

It is expected that from the thing called the flagship model will be released from March to April of 2017.

I think the htc flagship has been pretty good these days.

That said, it seems that the other companies are actually depriving themselves quite a lot of sales in fact that other companies’ makers will do their best, but … Still there are many people who are expecting this model I guess.

SnapDragon 835 is said to be adopted in the 2017 model of GALAXY S8 and XPERIA, and of course, in Japan it is no doubt that these models will be competitive.

Although it is expected to be a model to be released from au, there are also rival models, so I do not think that only this htc 11 will sell.

That said, there are a few fans of htc in Japan. Personally I think that the model of htc is pretty easy to use.

Speaking of why it is easy to use also involves having its own UI. I think that it is a very good model in that sense.

Regarding UI, htc Sense 8 is said to be adopted. It is said that the screen size is 5.5 inches and it is quite a huge screen, and there is no doubt that it will be a model that can be expected quite a bit.

First posting date: February 15, 2017


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