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LG V30 spec spec expected price rumor camera 6GB RAM adopted 835 CPU

SS 2017-02-21 20.26.15

A model called LG V 30 may be released in the future.

This V30 is the successor model of V20.


Expect specs

Then I would like to predict about specs.

Basically G6 is planned to be announced in the near future, it is expected to be almost the same specs.

It is said that G6 will be announced in February, but V30 will be released later.

As with V20, will it be nearly as good as G5? It is expected.

The CPU is said to adopt SnapDragon 835. This SnapDragon 835 is expected to be adopted also in G6.

Although it is RAM, it is said to adopt 6 GB here. Although it is also considerably large capacity, it can be expected that the model to be released in 2017 will be about this capacity.

As of 2016 the RAM capacity adopted for the general flagship model was 4 GB. If it becomes higher than that then the next will be 6 GB.

Since Android is also 64 bitized, there is a very good condition that all RAM can be used up even if 3 GB or more RAM is installed. That said, there are still applications that can use 6 GB fully …

Even so, when launching multiple applications at the same time, there is no doubt that the larger capacity works better. Do not you think that it is a very good choice this way?

Next is the front dual camera which is interesting this time.

It seems to have a dual camera on the front. Dual cameras on the back are obvious, but also on the front is a dual camera. This is a pretty interesting attempt.

I think whether it is due to thinking about those who take self-shot.

Notification function popular in V20

It is V20 thought that it is extremely easy to use personally, but it seems that it will be handed over to V30 as it is.

When it says what kind of function it is, the notifying function comes out on the upper part of the screen.

Personally I think that it is one of very wonderful functions. If there is no doubt about the notification function, it is useful.

The user interface around that will be handed over.

This is also a feature of V20 and it seems that it will be the same in V30.


Spec is awesome

This is the spec of V20, but it is a highly competent model.

Since this is V20, it seems that it will be helpful to some extent, but in other models which have nearly the same capability as this in Japan, no high benchmark score will be issued so far.

What does this mean? Although it is said that it means that the hard and soft fabrication is good.

Here is the result of the benchmark.

It is between about 140,000 and 150,000.

Actually, there are not other models that are similar models with V20 and that have a high score so far.

This is XPERIA X Performance. For this model this is not expensive so far.

Actually it is a model that does not differ so much compared to V20. It seems a bit surprising to think so …

It is something you want to care about when V30 is released.


First posting date: February 21, 2017


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