SnapDragon 845/850 Next Qualcomm CPU operation speed How many speed cores?

Qualcomm is planning to announce the next CPU to Q4 in 2017.

This information seems to be rumored to come from China, but it is information of the next SnapDragon.

This SnapDragon is currently the CPU that is installed in most smartphones and it is no exaggeration to say that this Qualcomm is driving the capabilities of smartphones.

It seems that the importance given to that smartphone is wonderful.


Single core score

Although it is said that the score of the single core will be about 2900 to 3100, what is actually installed is scheduled to be Octakore.

It became a quad-core at the time of SnapDragon 820 for a while, but it became Octakore again afterwards. Octakore refers to a CPU with eight cores.

There are CPUs with more cores such as decacore and dedecacoa in the world, but some models are still on sale. From this Qualcomm CPUs with more cores than that are not on sale.

, You can also see that the possibility that a model that has more than 10 cores loaded in 2017 will not be released is very high.

It can be predicted that CPUs with more cores will be released in fiscal 2018 and onwards.


Successor model of SnapDragon 835

Naturally, it is expected to be a successor to SnapDragon 835. And from the current flow, you can see that it is highly likely that this SnapDragon 845 or SnapDragon 850 will be adopted from the smartphone installed in the first half of 2018.

In the current situation, smartphones that have SnapDragon 835 installed yet are not on the market yet.

It is thought that the actual release will be around April 2017.

It is around XPERIA XZ PREMIUM that is adopted at the time of writing this article now.

Here it is. Because next-generation CPU requires a considerable cost to develop, it seems impossible to develop immediately, but I think that there are quite a lot of people expecting it.

As of this time, it seems that models with possibly 6 GB of RAM will also appear. That’s fun with that.

From: theandroidsoul

First posting date: February 28, 2017


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