With the iPhone 8’s organic EL loading model the display is vertically long at a ratio of 18: 9

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Next PREMIUM model called iPhone 8 to be released, but it is said that the display will be portrait.

As for the display adopted in the current iPhone 7 Plus, the aspect ratio is 16: 9.

That ratio will be changed to 18: 9.


The display installed in G6 is 18: 9

Indeed, G6 announced by LG has an aspect ratio of 18: 9, and we have brought a button arrangement to the display.

It is sometimes easy to see on a big screen when viewing movies, watching images, watching images, and becoming a design that has never been so much as to have the buttons disappeared and placed on the display.

The fact that this ratio is 2: 1 makes it feel like two so-called squares are vertically long.

By becoming 2: 1, it means that carrying is very convenient if it is a big screen. That certainly that such a button arrangement is gone is considered.

It is said that GALAXY S8 scheduled to be released in the future will become a big screen as well, and the possibility of adopting aspect ratio 18: 9 is fully considered.

The trend of 2017 will be the design with this aspect ratio of 2: 1.


To high cost

Considering that the liquid crystal panel which was adopted so far is included in the iPhone as it is, it is considerably increased in cost by adopting organic EL in consideration of being adopted for other models.

Although it is said that it will increase the cost, although it is said that iPhone is said to adopt organic EL even if cost is raised, why adopt organic EL?

Cost up is inevitable only by becoming organic EL. Again there is the possibility of slightly curving the part of the edge this time.

I think that the merit of somewhat curving is in the ease of having.

In the case of a model where the corner is angular it will definitely have difficulty. Even without going to the EDGE style adopted in the GALAXY series, it is easier to use curving to some extent.

Of course there is also a balance with the ease of screen display, so there is nothing to become a curved curve, but that is the merit of organic EL.

There is also an advantage that the electric power consumption is less in the organic EL. That seems to be to adopt organic EL from that.

I think that it is very good in that sense.

Although it is said that the screen size will be 5.8 inches, it is Apple that is outstanding about new things such as elimination of the home button.

There is no doubt that this is truly the specification you’d like to expect.


First posting date: March 14, 2017


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