2018-07-11 8.02.03

AppleWatch 4 Rumor Release Date Specs Appearance Recommended

2018-07-11 8.02.03

There are rumors that AppleWatch 4 will be released in the future, so I would like to mention it for a while.

AppleWatch 4 is the fourth generation AppleWatch. Three generations have already passed since AppleWatch was released, and it is likely to be the fourth generation next.

Is AppleWatch good?

Do you mean AppleWatch in the first place? I think that many people think.

Whether it’s good or bad is up to yourself, but if you have AppleWatch, cooperation with the iPhone becomes very easy, I think that messages and others will come to the AppleWatch side, so I think that it is good as a usability .

AppleWatch sold explosively for a while, but recently it was an impression that it calmed down.

It is a position as a digital home appliance even though it is a clock, and the image that AppleWatch is basically used in cooperation with the iPhone rather than letting it operate alone is strong, so people who have an iPhone basically It becomes a purchasing layer.

Still because Apple is on sale, the popularity is quite high and I think that the attention degree is considerable.

Moreover, it is possible to communicate on a standalone model with SIM, and it has become a model that has a very merit.

What about AppleWatch 4?

AppleWatch is expected to have the release of a round model as well.

Regarding the models with WEAROS used on Android, round watches are already on sale, but unfortunately AppleWatch has not released such a model yet.

Therefore I think that there are quite a lot of people wanting a look like a round type so-called clock.

Is not it likely that sales will increase considerably when a round mold is released? It seems better than a look like a square like the present, of course it will be better, so if it comes to a round shape, that alone will grow.

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