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GALAXY S10 / S10+ rumor specs expected to release Does announcement

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I would like to post rumors and information about the model called GALAXY S10. I think that there are also many people who are quite concerned about announcing the very popular GALAXY S series among the GALAXY series. In Japan, the GALAXY series all come up with the S series.

The S series is a series that is quite popular in the Japanese market. Why is the GALAXY S series popular in Japan? First of all because it is Samsung’s flagship model. The flagship model is the most excellent model among the models released from the company. Therefore, many people think that they want even in Japan.

In the Japanese market, as long as it reigns as a model to be released from a carrier, it is a model that can significantly increase the sales volume.

GALAXY S10 spec expected

It is still the CPU that gets the most attention in the GALAXY series. It becomes the brain part of the computer. As for this part, I think that quite a few people are interested.

Not to mention the GALAXY series I think that there are quite a lot of people who care about this CPU. The reason is that because this brain is governed by the operation speed of the terminal, the earlier one is decided.

Therefore, the ability of the CPU significantly affects the operation speed of the terminal itself. Therefore, many people really care about this CPU.

The GALAXY series is commonly accepted as a model with a CPU called Exynos and two CPUs with SnapDragon being announced, and for now it is adopted in the Japanese market that the series adopting SnapDragon .

As for SnapDragon, as of 2018 SnapDragon 855 is the latest CPU.

And it seems that development of the next model called SnapDragon 855 is progressing as well. Therefore, the CPU that is installed with GALAXY S10 will be a model that adopted CPU called SnapDragon 855? I think.

SnapDragon 855 SNADRA 855 Scheduled to be installed in the smartphone released in 2019

Next is the capacity of RAM, but as of 2017 the size of the RAM installed in the most high-spec model is around 6 GB to 8 GB, probably the probability of adopting 8 GB perhaps is considered sufficiently . As you go there, the specifications over PC? Although it may become as much as you think, you can imagine that it will be quite specs.

Although it is better to have high specifications, it is really amazing to have adopted a large amount of RAM with the 6-inch smartphone.

This is what we anticipate specs of SnapDragon 855 etc.

SnapDragon 855 will be announced in 2018, so I’d like to expect it.

Regarding camera performance, I would like to expect a lot. Camera performance is quite anxious for people who use everyday.

Recently it is a dual camera boom such as various models with dual cameras are released.

It is quite excellent to combine the two cameras into a single picture and very much of that technology.

It is also possible to take easily taking pictures such as blur. As you can see, it is expected that the latest GALAXY series can take quite beautiful camera functions.

Camera performance is really one of the expected functions.

Here is probably a picture of a camera that is closest even when compared with the current model when GALAXY S10 is released.

Although it is the camera performance of GALAXY NOTE 8 , it is probably a level that is not inferior to the camera of GALAXY S10 probably.

It is probably a bit more than this, probably because it is about a year from release to camera performance as of this time. Still it seems that camera performance will change so much in one year, so I think that it will be about this camera performance.

Triple camera may be installed in GALAXY S10

Although it is this information, a triple camera may be installed in GALAXY S10.

Triple camera is installed in Huawei’s smartphone called P20 PRO. We are scheduled to begin handling from Japan at docomo, but this smart phone called P20 PRO is a very promising smartphone.

It is not the same as that, but the possibility of installing a triple camera is very high.

First of all, it is said that iPhoneXPlus smartphone will appear in 2019, and it is said that it will be equipped with a triple camera with that smartphone.

Therefore, it is reported that Samsung announces a model equipped with triple cameras, anticipating that cameras equipped with triple cameras will increase in the future.

Once it is scheduled to be released in January 2019 GALAXY S10, it is also said to be equipped with a triple camera according to that time.

When a triple camera is installed, the market is getting quite funny.

It is definite that a dual camera will be installed.

Even in GALAXY S9, it seems that it has already been decided that dual cameras will be adopted. It seems that GALAXY S9 is supposed to be equipped with a dual camera from S9 +. With dual cameras installed, it seems that needs of dual cameras will come up more and more in the future.

GALAXY S 9 Plus Galaxy S 9 Spec Release Date docomo au Japan Softbank

I’d like to see this page also, but this page is also adopted by GALAXY S9, so dual cameras are definitely adopted in GALAXY S10.

By making the camera dual, it is possible to take pictures similar to GALAXY NOTE 8.

Although this is a page that posted GALAXY NOTE 8 specs etc, it will be no doubt that it will be higher than this.

It seems to be released in 2019, but has already decided to some extent at the planning level?

GALAXY S10 is said to be released in about 1.5 years later.

It is not that far future.

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Although it is a concept image of GALAXY S10 here, I found that the possibility of the fingerprint authentication function becoming the front screen is very high.

It is highly desirable that the fingerprint authentication function enters the front screen.

By entering authentication function in that part, the user interface is very clear.

Where the fingerprint authentication function is on the back side, it will not be used so much because it is actually hard to use.

Actually I also have fingerprint certification on the back, so I am not using it because it is hard to use.

I feel honest like that. It is a very disappointing result that it is not used even if its function is wonderful unless it is placed in a place where convenience is good as well.

Fingerprint authentication is convenient, but there are no hands that do not use it. It is only to place it in a place that is convenient to use.

Not limited to the GALAXY series, Android is often different in its function depending on the model, the part actually used is common in the software part of Android, but in the hardware part only some commonization is done We are not.

In that sense Apple’s iPhone is an integrated type with hard, so I guess I’m superior …

The release date of GALAXY S10 is likely to be in January 2019 ahead of schedule

In the latest article I found out that the release date of GALAXY S10 is very likely to be early January 2019 ahead of schedule.

Every year the release of the early release of the GALAXY series is said. By becoming an advancement ahead of schedule, it seems that there is aim to find a sales channel in overseas.

The release of the GALAXY S series is roughly annual, but it has been released around March. As it is a global model, its release in Japan is around May every year. In the case of Japan it is not a global model but a so-called regional model, and it will be released in time for model presentation such as docomo and au.

As a result, the release of the GALAXY series is also shifted compared to the global model.

When thinking about such a thing again, the global model is because early release will make region model release faster and it will be possible to increase unit sales.

If you sell it in accordance with the model presentation society like in Japan, there is a slightly subtle part, but if the sale of GALAXY S10 starts as a global model from January it may be released around March is. It is because you can fully think that only some models will start selling in advance.

GALAXY S10 is expected to be quite popular in Japan, and S10 may also be equipped with a dual camera. Camera performance and so on are still very popular, so it will definitely be a very promising model.

A vibration speaker may be installed in GALAXY S10

GALAXY S10 may be equipped with a vibration speaker . What kind of speaker is a vibration speaker?

It is possible to sound itself as a speaker simply by touching what you want to vibrate as a vibration speaker.

When a vibration speaker is installed, release of a gadget corresponding to it can be thought fully enough.

As a result, wiring like a speaker is unnecessary, the GALAXY S10 itself vibrates, and the speaker that received the vibration sounds the sound.

Along with that, some speakers unnecessary for wiring will come out.

I think that it will come out as genuine. Will not it be very good as an end user if you develop such things? Unfortunately we had to wire the speakers that sounded to the outside unfortunately until now. Wiring was necessary, but it makes it easier to carry around because such wiring disappears.

That is exactly what it is like when camping and such. A lot of very interesting things come out.

I think it will be really useful if a vibration speaker is adopted. It will allow you to listen to the sound as freely as you want anywhere. I think that it has very merit.

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