2018-09-17 6.22.43

iPhoneXS antutu benchmark results are quite high scores

The result of iPhoneXS benchmark seems to come out. Since the benchmark is the result of fulfilling the ability of that smartphone fairly, the time seen as a result of the benchmark is to know the ability of the smartphone to some extent.

The benchmark score of iPhoneXS came out this time.

This score is quite high score. The result of the high score thus far is the highest level among the smartphones that have been released so far.

If the result of the benchmark is wonderful, it can be expected quite a lot about games to be introduced to the iPhone.

Then I would like to introduce the result.

iPhoneXS benchmark result

2018-09-17 6.22.43

This is the result, and it is the result that it exceeds 360,000. Although there are slight differences in OS, if you compare with the same level of smartphone, is not it per GALAXY S9?

By the way it is about 250,000 at GALAXY S9.

It is about 260,000 with Xperia XZ2. Even if we compare the specifications of these two models, it is actually a model that does not differ so much, and it is a level that can be predicted to some extent as a result of the benchmark.

Although these two Android smartphones are equipped with a CPU called SnapDragon 845, it is the most popular smartphone if it is installed in Android smartphones that are currently on sale. Even the CPU installed in this smartphone does not reach 300 thousand.

Then I think that you can see that the CPU that is installed in iPhoneXS is terrible.

A12 became a process rule of 7 nm

It has a CPU called A12, and this A12 is a process rule of 7 nm. The finer the process rule, the finer the capability is generally.

It became a very detailed process rule of 7 nm this time. The A11 CPU which was installed in the iPhone which had been released so far is 10 nm.

That is a finer process rule.

By the way, the process rule installed in the CPU called SnapDragon 845 is 10 nm, which is the same process rule as the CPU called A11.

As a result, when looking at the processing speed, there was not much difference between A11 and SnapDragon as surprisingly.

However, this time A12 was manufactured with different process rules, and it was positioned higher CPU than that. That’s why it got a fairly high operating speed.

Crisp motion with fast operation speed

The same CPU will be installed in iPhoneXS, iPhoneXSMAX, iPhoneXR this time. So what we call the computer’s brain is that all three models are the same.

Therefore, I think that fast operation speed is definitely the same level for any model.

If it is going to be fast operation speed, I definitely would like to recommend it.

It is not necessary to watch the web browsing or YouTube movie as fast as it is fast operation speed, but I think whether it will be a considerable operation speed when playing games etc.

There is also a report that the operation speed is considerably improved at iOS 12 this time and it is possible to install it also on iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 etc.

It is said that the iPhone which was released in the past considerably improves the operation speed.

Considering that kind of thing, there may also be large remodeling at the OS level as well.

Although the results of the benchmark are not all, the current iPhone is still 360,000, which is still unprecedented speed as a result of benchmarking.

Because it operates fairly fast, I do not mind expecting very much.

Because the result of the benchmark on iPhone 8 and iPhone X is about 270,000 , I think that it is definitely improving the level considerably.


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