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XPERIA XZ 4 adopt notch perfectly in a perfect bezelless model

2018-10-17 7.22.53 1

The launch of XPERIA XZ 4 will be released in 2019, but it seems that the design is completely changed.

It may be a form in which notches are completely eliminated.

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When notches are eliminated it becomes a complete bezelless model.

Benefits of organic EL?

Is the model in which the bezel has been completely eliminated benefit from having become organic EL again?

For the iPhone iPhoneXr is almost liquid crystal while it is bezelless. The word Bezerless has recently appeared, but there are quite a lot of people who are pleased about having no bezel.

I think that it is no longer thinking about arranging the backlight along with the organic EL, so there are not a few benefits of organic EL.

Organic EL has the performance that it itself emits light, and it is expected that products using organic EL will increase more and more from now on.

It seems that in the world of smartphones there is also a feature that it is easier to be bezelless like this.

There is no doubt that becoming a bezelless has received such benefits to a considerable extent.

However, is Bezellez really good? It is doubtful as it is said. The reason is that when you take motion pictures or photos by doing it to bezeles, your thumb may hit the screen, sometimes causing strange behavior.

XPERIA has been told that design is not excellent until now

The XPERIA series had been told that the design has been delayed in recent years or that it can be taken as a bad mouth in a certain meaning.

To be sure, I am also an XPERIA series that, honestly, things are not bad, but I feel that I have been behind in design compared to other companies.

Although I would like people to improve the design in the future, I feel that the flow of the world has changed as a notch style as regards the design, honestly since iPhone X was released.

It means that there are quite a lot of similar appearance fundamentally.

In a way it feels like the characteristics of each product has decreased.

With less features, it was like the XPERIA series only continued to adopt models that are not bezeles.

By adopting the bezelless model, it may be the level that it caught up with other companies.

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