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KIRIN 990 Giraffe 990 Supports Huawei’s new CPU 5G Scheduled to be launched in 2019 model

KIRIN990 CPU will be released in 2019 as well.

2018-10-24 7.38.36

The CPU called KIRIN is mounted on the smartphone released from Huawei and is currently being adopted in very popular P series and MATE series.

Huawei’s popularity is still not well recognized in Japan, but from a global perspective Huawei’s sales volume is said to have surpassed Apple, and as a company that currently emits quite a popular smartphone It reigns.

Installation of KIRIN 990 from the model released in 2019

The CPU called KIRIN 990 will be installed from the smartphone released in 2019. It is sure to correspond to next generation communication standard called 5G and it will be a very promising CPU.

As of 2018, a smartphone equipped with a CPU called KIRIN 980 and a CPU called KIRIN 970 was considerably sold, but it is quite expected that this model called KIRIN990 will be released from 2019 mainly around high-end models Is not it possible to do?

The next-generation communication standard is very promising because it is expected that commercial use will be started in Japan from 2019 to 2020 and it is possible to communicate much faster than the current 4G communication.

Although it is KIRIN990 that corresponds to this 5G, the target communication speed is 5 Gbps, so it can be said that it is very fast.

Perhaps there are quite a lot of people laying the optical line at home, but recently very much on optical lines is a communication speed of 1 Gbps.

Actually, it is still fairly fast because it is theoretically 10 times faster than the 100 Mbps which was around 10 years ago, but the communication speed is 5 times faster than the current optical line is quite high It is a target. That means that it will become high-speed communication in the future.

Like the SnapDragon such as Qualcomm, the KIRIN series seems to be appearing more and more high-end CPUs.

Recent news seems to verify the comparison between the KIRIN series and the CPU mounted on the so-called iPhone A12, etc. on various sites, but I think that it is quite difficult to compare completely because the concept is different.

Basically it is a CPU mounted on a smartphone released from Huawei, so it is an Android base.

It is a place I’d like to expect very, as it has not been concretely shown what kind of model the 2019 model of the KIRIN series will be.

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