iPad Pro 7.9-inch model is expected to release iPadmini5 is? Specs release date?

It is said to be the future iPadPro7.9 inch model will be released.

Because iPadPro In the current are two 12.9-inch model and 9.7 inches model but it has been released.


mini is no longer

That is that the mini there is no future.

mini is no longer, but no differences in the name of Pro.

People who are expected There is no doubt that you have thought mini5 will be released. I think it is no doubt a substantial mini5.

The 7.9-inch is the true firmly in the name mini5.

Therefore, it is not a strong implication that the name change does not mean mini disappears.

release date is?

Release date seems to have been planned well in the second half of 2016.

Perhaps I do not think almost the same as the timing of the iPhone.

Since the spec basis it seems to come down than the iPhone, spec is expected to or not to become almost the same as iPadPro9.7.

Still iPadmini but is slightly, since the spec was suppressed, I think nearly that same specs people also quite often survive the mini.

I think that has received considerable support around a woman in a subtle size 7.9 inches.

iPad in the future also three models

iPad is like a plan to appear in the future even 3 models by changing only the screen size.

12.9 inches, 9.7 inches, are three 7.9 inches.

Since these three screen very delicate screen size of that model with the size, it is a model that is popular each in its own way.

However, 12.9 inches will have been said to be not so much selling.

Would still price of the problem. The price will be the most inexpensive thing 7.9-inch model.

Also selling would become the model of 7.9 inches future from such a thing.

It is almost the same that we can do only basic screen size the iPad is different.

Well I think that there is quite often OK with the people think even the cheapest model.

no heavy if 7.9 inches model

7.9 inches model is of course, but it is not heavy compared to the other models. But rather is light.

Thus is the perfect size for users who have thought that heavy I do not want to always carry the thing.

However I think that the fact that to lighten the weight than the current model is almost the limit.

Probably only the screen size is different, I think the other ones, such as weight almost unchanged.

But I think you want to select a lighter model.

mini model is popular around the woman

I know you also have a iPadmini, but mostly women.

It will be to just easy to hold for women. Because not greater at the time of the post going out, it is that easy to hold.

Still is when it comes to the screen is easy-to-read 9.7 inches, but it is the fact that the work place is basically.

Rather than with, we will be seeing in on the floor or desk.

If you use in the commute, would be that down pat if the launch of iPadPro7.9 inch model.

If you use certainly commute than the big screen, but it is you want to select what is convenient to carry even a little small.

The more I think and say to the total basis. Of course iPadPro9.7 inch model for the home I think unnecessary or.

For sale, I think we are still undecided be around probably October.

USB Type-C equipped with?

Future possibly might be equipped with a USB Type-C.

Because this standard is the so-called universal design in the standard has been adopted in the MacBook.

There is no up and down. For this reason it made the easy model is very charged.

Now it is equipped with a Lightning cable, but it may be really the future change to this.

Because Lightning cable, since the iPhone proprietary standards, it might go really obsolete …

Since the personal has come out well as peripheral equipment of Lightning system, is either to say, but if it is changed to the new standard really do you go what happened now. It seems fun with it.


iPad compact model is still popular

I think that there are many people who know a large model with 12 inches 9 inches as the current Pro models have been released, but also because such a little thing of the small size, there is really popular.

But because mini up to now has been dropped slightly the specs.

Perhaps there is a possibility to come slightly spec dropped this time.

It’s at the very least want to be equipped with a A9X Given that kind of thing.

If the A9X is mounted, or would not it be very popular out.

I’m a little sorry I feel if it is Toka A8X ยทยทยท

Although it seems 7.9-inch model of iPadPro is quite popular comes out, but it is I want you to quit a little if sales to people ignorant to such specifications. I think A9X or want you to adopt it more than that if anyway.

First Posted: August 7, 2016