GALAXY S10 series Launch in 4 models RAM capacity will be 12GB

Although the GALAXY S10 series is expected to be released in the future, we found that the capacity of the RAM will be up to 12 GB capacity.

It is quite a large capacity, it is highly likely that it will be about twice the capacity of RAM up to now.

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This is the outflow table here.

I think that the GALAXY S10 of this time can be understood from this table that there is a high possibility that it will be released in 4 models.

Up to now it was thought that it is two models of GALAXY S10 and GALAXY S10 +, but the possibility of releasing a new model called GALAXY S10X is also high.

Among them, there are also models that are 5 G, I think that the model that is 5 G is just the model that corresponds to the next generation communication standards.

The 5th generation communication standard is said to start commercial use in Japan around 2019 and it is expected to be about 5 Gbps communication speed.

Although it is still in the testing stage, it seems that the communication speed will improve dramatically in the future. Even if the communication speed becomes faster at 5 G, it is expected that it will raise the capacity of the RAM because it may take time to draw etc. It may be a fool.

The RAM capacity of P30 is also amazing

It is not just the GALAXY series. The capacity of P series RAM is also considerable. We found that the model called P30 Pro is also likely to be equipped with 12 GB of RAM. The model called P20 Pro is currently being released from DoCoMo, it is a model that became famous for being equipped with three cameras that can be operated fairly fast.

The model which succeeds this model also thinks that it has become quite amazing ability by having 12 GB of RAM in the same way. The release of P30 Pro is March 2019, and it will be on sale almost the same time as the release of GALAXY S10.

At the moment the model with the CPU called Kirin is the main in the P series, and possibly the possibility that the next-generation thing called Kirin990 will be loaded is also fully considered.

The CPU called Kirin990 seems to be a CPU that is also compatible with 5G, so if you support 5G you may need a reasonable amount of RAM. Even in the GALAXY series, only the model called S10X5G is equipped with 12 GB of RAM, so it may be such a thing.

The capacity of RAM dramatically increases corresponding to 5G

It can be said from this table that what is compatible with 5G means that the capacity of RAM is large, because the model released after 2019 has a very high probability of being compatible with 5G RAM capacity is expected to grow dramatically.

Considering that Japan’s smartphones such as the XPERIA series and the AQUOS series will also correspond to 5G in the future, the capacity of RAM may grow dramatically.

If it is a high-end model such as XPERIA XZ4 PREMIUM released in 2019, it may load up to 8 GB of RAM even if it does not go up to 12 GB.

The month of release this time is also almost no difference in the big model GALAXY S10 series and P30 series of big models in 2019 and the model corresponding to 5G, the possibility that large capacity RAM will be loaded It was found that it was high.

It is expected that launching various applications will be smooth as much as loading a large amount of RAM, launching of multiple applications is no problem.

Thinking about that, it is worrisome about future RAM capacity and 5G communication.

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