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Galaxy S10 design leaks looks awesome display

A screenshot of GALAXY S10 is published.

I think that the display is really all over and it looks pretty apparent.

Appearance of GALAXY S10

This is what it looks like.

2018-12-07 5.52.43

2018-12-07 5.52.52

2018-12-07 5.53.00

2018-12-07 5.53.07

It is surprising if you look at this, there is not notch.

Almost full screen is the display. I think this is pretty shocking.

The rounded portion at the lower left is the front camera.

The front camera is stored in a part called a notch etc. in a smartphone made by another company, but this is the feeling that it is built in the display.

This is also a new technology, perhaps GALAXY S10 is not the first thing that looks like this.

The type that embeds the camera in this notch display is a part I really want to worry about in the future.

It will be a new appearance, but do not you think it is reasonable?

I think that it is a surprising display.

Full screen display with camera embedding technology
I think the technology of embedding a camera in the display is really amazing.

It is hard to say that such models are quite good. It is still quite difficult to manufacture.

Although it is GALAXY S10 which is the highest model among the GALAXY series, is not GALAXY S10 a model that is quite popular?

The display size has increased so far, and it will be truly wonderful that it is almost a display in terms of appearance.

Regarding new technology, recent Samsung may be very greedy. I think that there is no problem at all because it is in good condition.

If the full display is announced at GALAXY S10 it will definitely be adopted even in GALAXY S11 or GALAXY NOTE in the future.

Because it is the same GALAXY series, the same technology is easy to use in parallel.

I would like full-screen displays to go fashionable in the future.

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