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Examine the appearance of XPERIA XZ 4 Screen size 21: 9 MWC 2019 It will appear in 2019

2019-01-07 6.37.07

XPERIA XZ 4 is scheduled to appear at MWC 2019.

MWC stands for Mobile World Congress, it will take place in February.

The place is Barcelona, Spain. It is said that XPERIA XZ 4 will appear at that time.

It is already said that the new XPERIA XZ 4 has three cameras, and it is one of the very promising models.

The fact that there are three cameras means that we are putting more emphasis on the camera.

Also, fingerprint authentication is a portrait part on the right side, and fingerprint authentication will be performed from the side.

The screen size is 6.5 inches, and the screen size is expected to be rather large size.

Also, the CPU is expected to be SnapDragon 855 as it is said before.


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Here the image of XPERIA XZ4 COMPACT has come out.

XPERIA XZ4 COMPACT is a very popular model in Japan.

Although appearance is a little smaller, the recessed part on the right seems to be a fingerprint authentication sensor.

Instead of bringing the sensor on the back side, it is designed to be very useful as a usability of bringing the sensor to the side part.

So I think that the case seems to be recessed in that part.

Regarding this shape, it is also common specification with XPERIA XZ4. Side fingerprint authentication was previously adopted by Sony, but now we are back to fingerprint authentication on the back.

If fingerprint authentication actually comes to the side, I think that usability will increase personally.

I think that the image of the case of XPERIA XZ4 COMPACT is also coming out, COMPACT may be announced at the same time.

It is said that basically three models will be released, and there are three of PREMIUM, usually COMPACT.

It is said that PREMIUM has four cameras and it is very pleasure, but the image is not almost there yet.

I would like to expect in the future.


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